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INFERNIUM: Nintendo Switch Review

Infernium-Image-02-Macarelleta-BeachThroughout literature you will find many references to Hell with some of the most vivid descriptions of fires and the screams of tortured souls. There are several artistic representations of Hell with a more ‘recent’ depiction of Dante’s Inferno represented in Dan Brown‘s 2016 movie adaptation of the book¬†Inferno.¬†If you are unfamiliar with these written works they revolve around Dante’s journey through Hell, specifically the nine circles of Hell. Each circle represents a different perspective or vice such as limbo, lust, gluttony, or violence. The underlying theme is that Hell is a scary place where there is no beauty; only sadness and despair.

But what if Hell was in fact a beautiful place. And what if the most evil and dangerous places were in fact the most beautiful? INFERNIUM gives the player this unique perspective on Hell.

Game Play

Infernium-Image-01-BridgetInfernium is a non-linear first person survival horror games that will keep you on edge at every moment. You play as a wanderer and your goal is to navigate an interconnected portrait of Hell. However, this version of Hell is not what you may have imagined. Infernium’s Hell consists of beautiful landscapes and structures. Around every corner the potential for danger exists.

The key differentiation in Infernium’s Hell is that danger is in plain sight. Rarely will enemies jump out to attack you like in most horror games. Instead, evil will present you with a challenge in which you will need to have a strategy behind all of your movements. The game is not combat based, so most of the enemy forces cannot be defeated in combat. Instead, you must navigate and run your way through 17 unique levels to free yourself from evil.

Infernium-Image-07_Floting-CastleYou are given two unique abilities at the start of the game: teleportation and the ability to absorb or siphon light. Evil forces and traps will block your passage as you look to move between levels. These forces will vary in type and abilities, which will make for a greater challenge the longer you manage to stay alive. Be prepared to be chased and make use of all of your abilities. A total of 6 abilities can be learned through exploration and all will need to be mastered to make your way out of Infernium.

The game features a persistent world. This means that any changes you make to the world will remain permanent. If you open a door that was previously closed, then it will stay open even after death. The same holds true for light that you siphon, which is your life force and source of your powers. If you siphon light during one play through it will not be there for you on your next play through.

Infernium-Image-10_WaterfallDeath is a big part of life. You will not possess a health pool so death is imminent, but you must learn from each death and develop a strategy to overcome any traps or enemies you may encounter. Running from enemies will render ineffective unless you put a strategy behind how and why you are moving in the given direction.

Infernium-Image-04-Harvesting-LightIf you beat the challenges before you, then you will be rewarded with new skills and unlock new areas. You may even open up hidden short cuts that can be used by you or your enemies.

Each play through is unique and anxiety ridden as you work to make quick decisions while maintaining tact and efficiency. With Infernium, the most dangerous areas are also the most beautiful which is why you will likely never relax while playing this game.


  • Single playerInfernium-Image-06_Descent
  • First person
  • Limited skills/abilities
  • Non-combat oriented
  • Non-linear level desgin
  • Persistent world
  • New Game + Mode
  • Multiple endings


Infernium-Image-04-Crimson-RiverFor a non-combat game, Infernium delivers on several fronts. The controls are relatively seamless with your core abilities tied to ‘R’ to siphon light and ‘ZR’ to perform teleport/dash. While the game may keep you on the edge of your seat it is not a game with quick progression. The faster you go the more prone to making mistakes you are, which will result mostly in frustration and deaths.


  • Non-linear level design
  • Persistent world
  • New Game + mode which allows for different enemies with new abilities resulting in new experiences
  • Roughly 14 hours of game play



  • Non-combat oriented leaves you vulnerable
  • Longer periods of inaction
  • Results in inexplicable fear of towels

Overall, Infernium is an enjoyable game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Infernium’s depiction of Hell is hauntingly beautiful as you are doomed to wander in purgatory afraid to turn any corner. Redonkulous Gaming gives Infernium a score of 7.7 for it’s unique take on the genre.


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