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Crowdfunding Corner – March 19th

Crowdfunding is a critical component of game development, especially in the realm of indie games. With so many different websites and even more projects to comb through, gamers can easily find themselves overwhelmed.

With so many projects with all sorts of potential, we want to help gamers and investors identify a few games they otherwise may not have stumbled across. Our highlights include projects listed across four crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fig, and Brightlocker.

Keep in mind, the games we have listed below are not games that we have deemed to be the “best,” but they are intriguing and show the promise and potential to be very good games in the future.

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Project Cybertronic

Campaign End Date:  April 17, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: November 2018

Cybertronic is a fast Zero Gravity online Multiplayer Battle Arena Shooter game. 

project cybertronicWith the help of your Jetpack and magnetic boots and gloves, you will be able to create unique movement combinations on ceilings and walls. This makes you an effective space fighter in weightlessness. Use your skill to perform combos and undo your opponent’s attack. Play as a team or as a lone wolf with other players in various Zero Gravity arenas and game modes. Equip your avatar with weapons, customize it according to your preferences and move into combat. Be a soldier or a leader. It depends on your performance. 

I hate any glorification of violence. Cybertronic is supposed to show that. The story is based on a Simulation, like a high-tech-future Lasertag match. Violence exists, that’s why its indispensable to show it anyway.

Deadly Delivery

Campaign End Date: March 31, 2018

Estimated Release Date: June 2018

Deadly Delivery is a casual 3D Vehicle Platformer that I’ve been developing for two years now. It’s a mashup of the racing and platforming genres, where your speed and accuracy are paramount to passing the level.

The idea is simple: you are the operator of a remote-controlled vehicle and your objective is to deliver the dangerous goods to the designated point. The task, however, isn’t so easy.  Zoom your way past landmines, falling platforms and land ridiculous jumps in five unforgiving and challenging destinations.

Each level in the game boasts a unique setting, they are as follows:
‘The Exchange’ – Modern complex of concrete, wood & glass.
‘Rocky Islands’ – A series of small islands surrounded by water.
‘Digger’s Cavern’ – An immense mossy cave system.
‘Frostbite Peak’ – A dark snowy landscape.
‘Deadly Dream’ – Floating islands, props and more craziness.

Nano Conflict Unleashed

Campaign End Date: April 4, 2018

Estimated Release Date: June 2019

nano conflict unleashedNano Conflict Unleashed takes place on an alien world, where video games are not played through virtual simulations, but rather through connecting to small nano machines known as Forms. The player connects to and pilots the Form through small-scale model environments that exist in the physical world and serve as levels or maps. The Forms and everything in the level are made up of a specific type of alloy known as Metalis that can be electrically instructed to take on a large array of different shapes and physical properties. Players play through the story as a Coder, the games version of a Game Master, that is investigating reports of strange anomalies in the game, Knight-Z. These anomalies and bugs were noted during the beta test held recently. Metalis Realities, the company that owns the technology behind Metalis and Knight-Z are demanding answers. Players have to find, solve, and correct these anomalies quickly.

nano conflict unleashed2The Coder Commands system will provide some useful firepower when attempting to find the source of the anomalies and in removing it. Prepare for the unexpected and see what mysteries await as the story unfolds. The game is currently in development and utilizes the power of the Unreal Engine 4 game engine.

Face off against the fierce six Nano Kings and their legions, Guardian Beasts, and the horde of the Anomaly in a total of six different regions, each with various maps to traverse.

Customize Gear, Weapons, and Personal Vehicles with custom colors and special upgrades known as Code Modules.



Pig Eat Ball

Campaign End Date: April 12, 2018

Estimated Release Date: Q2 2018

pigballPig Eat Ball is an classically styled adventure game with an arcade feel. Learn the story of Bow and her Father. Meet strange denizens of the King’s Space Station Kingdom.

Each Overworld is differently themed. As you explore the overworld, you’ll run into locked areas. If you can beat some action levels, those new areas will unlock.

The action levels can get tough! It’s not Dark-Souls-Meat-Boy tough, but levels have a nice, satisfying challenge and flow. Then when you get back to the overworld, a new section with new secrets and more areas and NPCs will unlock.

You’ll meet all sorts of characters, fight some really crazy BOSSES, and learn why The Dean is so mad at King Cake!

pigball2You can enjoy fighting Pillbugs and solving puzzles in the Adventure mode. But what about when friends are over? Time to bust out Pig Eat Ball’s Party mode!

It’s perfect for casual and hardcore friends to play together. Every level is a new gameplay mode. That means you are all on your toes, cracking jokes, and bumping butts.

A typical level has you eating balls and barfing on each other. Another has you stacking sandwiches the fastest. There’s dozens of levels and tons of laughs to come!




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