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Keep In Mind – Charitable Game That Makes You Think

Can you spare twenty minutes out of your day? If so, consider picking up Keep In Mind on Steam or your mobile app store of preference. The game is quite short, but it will make an incredible impact on you if you or someone you know has struggled with depression, addiction, alcoholism, etc.

While those topic may not seem like a lot of ‘fun’ to have in a game, Little Moth Studios and Akupara Games released the remastered version of the original story yesterday with one goal: raise awareness.


With this goal in mind, publisher Akupara Games will donate their profits from Keep In Mind: Remastered to Child’s Playa charity supporting over 140 Children’s Hospitals world wide. Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children and teens in pediatric hospitals and other child welfare facilities through the kindness and generosity of the gamer community and the power of play.


Game Play

KiM_SS_01You play as Jonas. A man who has been consumed by depression, alcoholism, drugs, and other vices. As the story opens, Jonas’ wife is trying to get him to talk to her. Jonas doesn’t respond to her plea, but drifts off into a warped reality. In this alternate world, Jonas must confront his personal demons to save himself from his losing battle with alcoholism.

Jonas is on the verge of losing everything, including his marriage. As he slips into this other consciousness, he is confronted and haunted by memories of the past. You soon find out that Jonas has allowed himself to be consumed by alcoholism due to a troubled past. He blames himself for things that may not have been his fault. He hates himself for the same reasons. He doubt his strength and ability to overcome. He tries to carry the weight of the world on his back and allows it to consume him.

KiM_SS_05As Jonas confronts his demons they all remind him why he isn’t good enough or why he will not be able to overcome. You discover what has haunted Jonas for most of his life and you begin to understand why he would allow alcoholism to consume him. As the demons each reveal a small portion of why Jonas is the man he is today, you begin to understand why he has given up on his future and his marriage.

Will Jonas fight back against the demons that have been ruling his life? Will you be able to help him overcome and find new hope?

Personal Share

KiM_SS_02We all have our struggles in life with some issues seemingly all consuming. My personal experiences have made me think about Keep In Mind in a different way. I have watched a family member battle against alcoholism and I have seen the erratic behavior first hand. I have known others to suffer from depression and I have seen how it can consume them. I have watched people I love make the wrong decisions seemingly just to self-sabotage, only to find out there were larger things at work. I have also, very unfortunately, known people who have given up on their fight and take their own lives.

Keep In Mind is less of a game and more of an enlightenment. It tackles tough issues most of us would rather avoid. I believe a majority of us have had or do have someone in their life who has struggled with one of the many themes highlighted in Keep In Mind. To these people, I encourage you to take twenty minutes out of your day to purchase and play Keep In Mind. You will not only be donating to a good cause, but you will also have a memorable experience that will stick with you well after you have completed the game.

Available Platforms

KiM_PromoArt_Release_01Steam – Windows and Mac OS

Game Jolt – Windows and Mac OS


iOS App Store

Google Play Store




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