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Tournament Tower Defense: Magic Technology

In the world of tower defense games, you will find a wide variety of aesthetics and and story lines. While the graphics and “prettiness” factor may draw some new players into certain tower defense games over others, the overall concept remains the same: stop waves of enemies from getting from’point a’ to ‘point b.’

There are variations to this concept, which come down to core game play. Some tower defense games like¬†Sentinels will actually allow you to join the fray and man your defenses to gun down enemies. This not only provides another game play element, but actually makes the player incredibly engaged due to the sheer amount of “stuff” going on at the same time. Others, like Amazing Pea TD, have a more simplistic approach which can be appreciated by causal or mobile gamers.

Vulkano Forge has taken a blended approach to their tower defense game, Magic Technology, which is now live on the Steam store.

Magic Technology Game Play

IMG_1601Magic Technology takes a traditionalist approach to their game. They have embraced the genre and instead of adding a twist that changes the mechanic of the game, they have created an experience that is purely strategy based. To succeed in Magic Technology, the player must get to know their enemy.

Each wave of enemies has a blend of mobs with varied traits. Some enemies will move faster. Some move slower, but have more armor or health. Some can fly and others can bull rush through the maze faster than you can react. You have two lines of defense: magic and technology.

IMG_1597The current state of the game has three chapters, with the first chapter serving as a prolonged, yet challenging tutorial. It is here where the player will learn the core concepts of game play and be slowly introduced to the defensive structures. Machine guns, cannons, tesla towers, and flamethrowers are just a few available options. Each of these structures has their own strengths and weaknesses in addition to their specific cost to build or upgrade.

In addition to the available technology, the player has access to spells which do not carry a cost, but do have an associated cool down. The lightning spell has the ability to stun opponents and do some damage while the ice spikes cause more damage to a wider area. These can be cast anywhere on the map and should be used on cooldown to keep up with the waves.

IMG_1593Magic Technology carries a high level of difficulty, even on ‘easy’ mode. This makes it a little harder for gamers who don’t typically dabble in tower defense games to find success. It also enhances the overall strategy of the game and places greater importance on the location and type of structure built. Timing of when or if an upgrade is required to those units also plays a major factor. Lastly, a majority of the maps are massive, which keeps the player guessing on where the enemy will path and how to account for the aerial units.

Magic Technology Tournament

IMG_1599All of the above aspects should be considered when it comes to thinking about Magic Technology as a competitive tournament game. The developers have designed a map that allows all players to try their hand at qualifying for a tournament that allows the winner a chance at $1,000.00 + 10% of the total game sales. They are willing to pay the top 64 places and they are now taking qualifiers for up to 4 months.

The hope is that turning Magic Technology into a cyber or eSport will make players more involved. The prize money alone is enticing, especially given the minimum cost of entry, which is just $6.99 for the cost of the game.

IMG_1598The qualifying map is already loaded and the first three chapters of the game do a great job of preparing players to qualify for the tournament. The main difference between campaign play through and the tournament is that the player will not be able to stop the waves of enemies from spawning on the qualifying map. To succeed, all magic and technology will need to be used to stop the endless waves of enemies.

Will you be the one to win the prize money?


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