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Resurgence: Earth United

The hardest part about games in Early Access on Steam (as a gamer) is projecting how “good” the final release of a game will be, or even if the game will even reach that state. Pixel_By_Pixel Studios out of Canada, is the indie game studio behind Resurgence: Earth United, which is an action-shooter with a blend of RPG and MOBA elements.

While the game is currently sitting in alpha state early access on Steam, it is not hard to project what the game will be. This is in large part due to the studios decision to feature the game on Brightlocker.

brightlockerIf you are not familiar with Brightlocker, then allow me to enlighten you. Brightlocker is (at a basic level) a new type of crowdfunding platform. The key difference between Brightlocker and other crowdfunding options is that there is no true end date or time crunch associated to the campaign. So instead of a short term window to raise money for new games, developers have the option of creating a page for their game where they can share updates throughout the development process and reward fans for backing the project. A Brightlocker user has the ability to purchase tiered rewards with gold, which is the site’s currency, or real dollars. In cases such as Resurgence: Earth United, you can even purchase playable games directly from Brightlocker.

In a nutshell, Brighlocker describes themselves as:

“BrightLocker is the future of interaction between gamers, developers, and the amazing games that bring them together. It’s the place where gaming fans can earn rewards while they find new games, interact with their favorite developers, receive exclusive access and items, and even shape how games are made.”

What is Resurgence: Earth United?

ScreenShot00007-600x338In the not too distant future, the Earth will be invaded by aliens and the human race will be rendered near extinct. Twenty-five years after barely surviving the onslaught, the aliens have returned, but the human race still has not fully recovered. Knowing that we cannot spare more human lives to fight against the aliens, humans developed Remote-controlled Assault Vehicles (R.A.V.) as our sole source of defense against the pending invasion.

Three classes of RAVs will exist: Orion, Paladin, and Teknocrats, each with their own unique strengths.

ScreenShot00002-600x338Orion: Elite ranged-unit with the ability to strike at single- or multi-targets with unparalleled precision and devastating effects.

Paladin: Equipped in near-impenetrable armor, unmatched in close-quarter combat, they protect humanity against their extra-terrestrial enemies on a righteous crusade of redemption and revenge.

Teknocrats: These elite technical experts are able to adapt and overcome any obstacle. The “Teks” are the prodigy of our generation and their skill is only limited by their imagination.

State of the Game: Early Access

RAV-MK-II_CustomizableArmorPage_1920p-600x338The game currently features the ability to play in the arena. In this version of the game, up to four players can fight together against endless waves of enemies. Upon starting a wave, the floor will shift and change to provide cover for the players. If you survive the round, you and your allies are rewarded with a chest that contains armor or weaponry upgrades. The player is then free to equip and change gear as they see fit until the enemy consumes them.

Future State

ScreenShot00015-600x338The developers have outline several areas in which they are currently working on their Brightlocker page. Their goal is to create a universe that players can enjoy as it expands. They are also seeking feedback from players to ensure they are developing a game that gamers will enjoy. Here is a list of everything Pixel_by_Pixel is working on:

  • MOBA PvP
  • Story
  • 2 more Playable Classes
  • Armor integrated Ability System
  • More Unlockable Armor Sets and Weapons

Support Resurgence: Earth United

If this sounds like a game you would enjoy, then we encourage you to head over to the developer’s Brightlocker page:to learn more and even support the development of the game by picking up a copy or sponsoring a reward tier.

resurgence brighlocker

The developers are very active and frequently post updates to let their followers know how things are going and what they are working on. Ultimately, when this game is finished, it is going to be loaded with content and will be somewhat of a destination game for you and your friends. Knowing where the game is headed, it makes a lot of sense to purchase the game ($8.99) now while in early access. It will only continue to get better, and each copy sold only helps the developers reach their final goals of making a great game!








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