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Crowdfunding Corner – March 5th

Crowdfunding is a critical component of game development, especially in the realm of indie games. With so many different websites and even more projects to comb through, gamers can easily find themselves overwhelmed.

With so many projects with all sorts of potential, we want to help gamers and investors identify a few games they otherwise may not have stumbled across. Our highlights include projects listed across four crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fig, and Brightlocker.

Keep in mind, the games we have listed below are not games that we have deemed to be the “best,” but they are intriguing and show the promise and potential to be very good games in the future.

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Fatal Flash

Campaign End Date: March 29, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: February 2019

Fatal Flash is a Competitive, 2D Online Mutliplayer Brawler that features lightning-paced, movement-heavy combat, numerous Archetypes (‘Champions’) with hundreds of customization options, and varied game modes and objectives – all rendered in hand-drawn, steampunk-inspired pixel art.

fatal flashFatal Flash was first conceived from an oxymoronic love of both the chaotic action and split-second decision making of fighting/shooter games, as well as the slower, but creatively-charged and customization-heavy metagame present in CCGs/MOBAs. While there have certainly been excellent titles exploring the synergy of these two elements before, we at Single “A” Productions have always wanted just a little more, and that is why we’ve decided to bring Fatal Flash to life – to take the idea to its fullest limits and endeavor to create an unique and exciting experience for all.



Campaign End Date: March 15, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: As Early as April 2018

Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development, monument construction and resource management.

The game features in-depth resource management akin to the Anno (Dawn of Discovery) series, expertly mixed with city building elements from Settlers, SimCity, and Pharaoh all topped with narrative encounters inspfoundationired by Crusader Kings II to create the ultimate medieval ant-farm simulation!

Setting to redefine the city-builder genre, Foundation puts the emphasis on the organic aspects of urbanism in the cities of old, powered by Polymorph Games’ in-house game engine, Hurricane, which allows for full mod support and is optimized for the thousands of moving parts that come with building humongous cities. Among other things, the engine provides the player with robust building tools to create countless unique monuments that can then integrated into your settlement.



Campaign End Date: March 18, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: September 2018

Take command of a fully customizable ship and dash across the universe to defeat an ancient alien threat. Deploy more than 500 weapons and utility upgrades – fighting by yourself or with a friend. The fate of humanity rests in your hands; Will you save Earth from the Technolites?


  • technolitesBuild your own ship from the ground up, and then equip it with your favorite weapons and upgrades.
  • Enjoy fully-voiced, animated cutscenes with a galactic story.
  • Combine more than 500+ weapons.
  • Unlock multiple endings.
  • Soar through six unique worlds and 20 hand-crafted levels.
  • Choose your difficulty: Start with Easy Story Mode for beginners. Amp up the difficulty for a true retro adventure!
  • Level up your characters for new effects.
  • Fight alongside a friend in online co-op gameplay.
  • Play on your desktop or mobile device – taking your save game with you on the go!
  • Embark on multiple game modes.


John Mambo

Campaign End Date: April 1, 2018

Our crowdfunding will enable us to further develop the settings, add more missions, in-game mechanics and release platforms as we achieve our Stretch Goals.

john mamboWe have spent several years developing this project out of our own pockets but our economic capacity is already very limited. The Indiegogo campaign will provide us with the financial clout that we need to bring John Mambo onto the computers and consoles of retro arcade fans new and old alike.

Nobody in the allied army trusts John (besides his co-op partner!) – but John Mambo doesn’t care. He knows his mission and he will put all his effort to neutralise the enemy. The Colonel will send him on various missions, both funny and dangerous. The outcome of those missions depends on you – the player!



Crash Force

Estimated Delivery Date: Steam


4Crash Force is an amalgamation of the most popular genres in gaming; it is a multiplayer, arena, shooting game at its core with RPG and racing elements where the player assumes the role of a hovercraft to annihilate his enemies. Choose your side between the three rival hovercraft families, nine hovercrafts models, and battle in three distinct maps. 6v6 MAYHEM!!!

Each hovercraft is designed to be unique. All hovercrafts are equipped with a primary, fast paced, high in rate of fire, low damage weapon and a secondary low fire rate, high damage skill shot weapon. In order to refill your weapons ammo, we have created two ammunition pickups, one for your primary and one for you secondary weapon. Hovercrafts consume energy to move in the game and therefore we have created energy refill pads.


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