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Grid Mania – A very clean and no frills puzzle game

Grid Mania is a puzzle game that is developed by FX Valley and published by Qubic Games and will be released on the Nintendo Switch on March 2, 2018. Grid Mania keeps the game simple and clean, there is no story about saving Candyland from some evil force or trying to rebuild a dilapidated farm that your grandfather left you

Game play


The game play seems very simple because the objective is to get the colored orbs to the corresponding colored tile. The developers have added unique rules to the game which challenge you to think three to five steps ahead. First, when you move an orb in any direction any orbs that in that row or column moves as well. Secondly, as you progress, the game board fills with obstacles, and you cannot move orbs if one of the orbs will move into the obstacle.

Grid Mania provides 170 different levels in four different modes: Casual Puzzle, Quick Challenge, Grid Madness, and Chain Reaction. Casual Puzzle sets up puzzle after puzzle where you have unlimited moves and time to align the orbs onto the tiles. Quick Challenge is similar to casual challenge except you have a limited amount of moves to align the orbs. Grid Madness changes the game up by having the player connect three or more orbs to change the tiles and the final objective of the game is to covert all the tiles on the board from black to a color. Finally, Chain Reaction challenges the player to link all the same colored balls together while ensuring that one of the orbs is on the colored tile.

Graphics and sound


The graphics in Grid Mania are very simple. There are no flashy characters or flashy backgrounds everything is very clean and sharp. In this day and age where everything seems to be overly flashy, with big explosions and bright colors, the simpleness of Grid Mania is very welcome. The orbs have unique lighting that make them look round and three dimensional, and the tiles are very clean when they are black, and a simple hexagon design for when they are colored. The sound is very relaxing and soothing and really set a mellow mood while playing the game. The soundtrack and colors set an electronic tone that made me feel like I was playing this game in a setting similar to those found in Ghost in the Shell or Blade Runner.



GridMania is a great puzzle game that does not encumber itself with some crazy story line. The puzzles are challenging and really make you think steps ahead in order to properly complete the puzzles. The different game modes let you change things up when you are frustrated with a level and need to step away so you can think clearly again. The only thing that would make the game even better would be the implementation of a leader board. Grid Mania already has all the pieces in place, such as a timer and a move counter, that could really add a sense of competitiveness to the game that would provide it replay-ability. At $3.99 USD Grid Mania is a puzzle game I will enjoy playing and trying to get through. Redonkulous Gaming gives Grid Mania a 7 out of 10.


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