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Mulaka Review: It’s a Top 10 Best Seller Already

If you follow our site or YouTube channel, then you know that Mulaka by Lienzo is a game we have been following for awhile. We first published an interview with Adolfo Aguirre who is in charge of PR, Marketing, and Publishing at Lienzo. He was able to share some interesting details about the game and the Tarahumara people.

As a follow up back in January, we learned in another interview with Adolfo that the studio has planned to donate a 10% of their earnings to NGOs that focus their efforts on the Sierra Tarahumara.

Fast forward to yesterday, February 25th, and Mulaka is now a top 10 selling Nintendo Switch title, and the game still has not been released. Pre-orders started two weeks prior to the game release and last night Mulaka surpassed Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and there are no signs of slowing down prior to release this week on March 1.

What is Mulaka?

Mulaka is an action-adventure title set in northern Mexico during the pre-colonization era. You take the role of a Sukurúame, the equivalent to a shaman in the Tarahumara lore, and are tasked with preventing the 4th destruction of the world that is looming. You travel to exotic locations in the region while looking for demigods to gain their trust and save humanity.

exploration opAs you progress through your journey, Mulaka will learn to transform into different mythological creatures like the royal woodpecker and a bear. These divine transformations give you access to new areas, allowing you to progress and find hidden collectibles, and assist you in combat.

What can we Expect from Mulaka?

Mulaka is an action-adventure title first, but everything is closely tied to the underlying story, and all actions look to advance that story in a meaningful way. Essentially, Mulaka is story telling at it’s finest.

Mulaka B2The stories and legends are based on the Tarahumara indigenous people from northern Mexico. Players will dive into some of the most gorgeous locations of the region while engaging in combat and solving puzzles.

Escenario 1 venadoThe end result: a “Zelda-like” adventure based on the culture and mythologies of northern Mexico. The story of Mulaka is based on a real legends from these people. Lienzo expects players to be surprised at some of the impressive creatures that they’ll battle.

Combat in Mulaka

combat damage opWhile combat is melee-focused through Mulaka’s spear, the use of potions and transformations allow you to mix it up a bit if you’re in trouble or if you want to finish enemies with style. You can attack enemies and mix weak and strong attacks to create combos, and you can also throw bombs that you craft and enhance your abilities through magic.

Combat is set within the open world environment, so it is not turn based. Further empowering the character of Mulaka through magic, transformation, and crafted items is a big part of combat.


enemies2 opI cannot say enough good things about the game. If I were to reach for a negative, I would say that throwing Mulaka’s spear felt a little clunky due to the sensitivity of the Joy-cons. But that is rather minor and just took some getting used to.

In less than an hour I was hooked on the rich story and deep lore. The character development is more intuitive than I had initially thought it would be and the combat is challenging due to the breadth of creatures you will face, often at the same time. The boss fights are rewarding and each boss possesses unique mechanics that make them challenging.

The adventure side of the game does not disappoint. At times it reminded me of Zelda, but it certainly separates itself enough from what Zelda offers to give you a whole new experience. As you wander the world solving puzzles and earning the blessings of the demi-gods, you are easily sucked into the world of Mulaka and learn to embody a Sukurúame.

Featuring rewarding and meaningful game play, from the in depth combat to the deep lore, Redonkulous Gaming gives Mulaka a score of 9.3/10. Mulaka should be an immediate add to your Nintendo Switch library and carries an amazing price of $19.98

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Developer: Lienzo




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