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Pantropy is a game this site has been following for quite some time. Brain Stone Games is the developer group behind Pantropy and what was once a two person studio has now evolved into a team of 12 people.

The game originally started development in December of 2015 by the founders of Brain Stone Games, Sebastian Kaulitzki and Julian Kaulitzki. After over two years of development and the studio adding 10 people, Pantropy is in the home stretch and currently has an active Kickstarter campaign running. The main goal of their campaign is to accelerate the rate of development and continue to optimize the game.

Pantropy is a faction-based game that ultimately comes down to economics. The more resources you control, the more power your faction will ultimately have. Combine this with the massive multiplayer online experience, FPS, and aliens and you have Pantropy.

Pantropy – What You Need to Know

dropship01playerPantropy fits into several different genres, but the core game mechanic evolves around crafting. In order to efficiently craft and upgrade equipment, you and your faction will need to band together to explore the terrain and gather the materials required to build what is needed. The game encourages the player to work together with those around them in order to be successful. A lone wolf will have a hard time finding success in the cold, cruel, alien-inhabited world of Pantropy.

mech_thirdpersonThe resources gathered by each respective faction can be used in a variety of ways. The crafting system is so in depth that players essentially have to create everything they use. From the guns required to survive to the bases each faction inhabits. The biggest draw for the player, and the factions overall, comes in the form of craft-able mechs. These are juggernaut war machines that become a core part of the game play.

Currently, Pantropy is in the alpha state of development and new features are either in the design or implement stage. The developers stretch goals are clearly outlined on their Kickstarter page.

Game Play

vlcsnap-9079-04-26-07h33m33s462Pantropy is comprised of three unique factions, only two of which are playable. The third faction is NPC controlled and lives in the center of the map. Their mission is the same as yours: find and control resources and rise to the top of the food chain. Therefore, they will explore and attack the same way a player would. You can avoid them if you choose, but the further you explore into enemy territory the greater the reward. You can raid their bases and eliminate them while taking useful items and gear as your own.

PantropyClient 2017-02-05 12-03-13-71While this may be the most effective way of gearing up, it is certainly the more risky option. Players and factions as a whole will need to work together to scavenge the lands for resources and craft tools, weapons, vehicles, and buildings in order to protect themselves. One feature that will certainly add to the quality of life for the player is that when the player is offline, they will not risk the safety of their base. All the scavenged items and crafted components will remain safe. However, if a player is offline too long, structures will begin to deteriorate from lack of upkeep.

pantropy_crafting02To be successful in Pantropy you will need to first learn to master the crafting system. What makes this relatively easy to understand is the ability to drill down on an item to see exactly what components are needed to craft the finished product. Players and factions are also able to set up automation structures to gather materials so that players can focus on their surrounding enemies and building their custom bases. In addition to the NPC and opposing player factions, players will need to be aware of the alien presence and can even take on missions to earn money that can then be used in the marketplace to purchase any number of items.


As mentioned, a major draw for Pantropy comes in the form of crafting powerful mechs to overtake your enemies. Upon release, the game will have five different mechs available with even more planned. These mechs can be used to raid your enemies or defeat powerful alien opponents.pantropy_inthewoods_monster

If you and your faction are not yet in a place where you control and use mechs, then you will likely be fighting on foot and experience a thrilling open world approach to the FPS experience.

Overall, when you are in combat, you are fighting for a purpose and you have several avenues to battle.

What’s to come?

pantropy_2016_2The overall success of the Kickstarter campaign will determine the direction the development team goes. They have indicated several attractive stretch goals, one of which being a single player local mode, which would allow gamers to enjoy Pantropy at their own pace. This is especially appealing as they eye potential ports to both Xbox and PlayStation.

As the game stands today (in the alpha state) it feels as though Brain Stone Games has managed to create a AAA experience. The graphics and feature-laden crafting system are both phenomenal and the creatures they have created are absolutely hideous in the best possible way.

Pantropy has a lofty goal on Kickstarter, but if the team secures the funding, there is no doubt they will be delivering an incredibly rich and immersive experience to all their backers.




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