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The Tenth Hell: Stygian – Now on Kickstarter

The Tenth Hell: Stygian is Deimos Studios‘ first game, and it sure looks promising! Deimos is comprised of 14 individuals working on Stygian’s development. The indie studio has a unique way of approaching game development where they use short cycles of work where each person is assigned new tasks while the previous ones are evaluated.

This type of approach to game development ensures that all contributors are up to date on what everyone is working on. It also promotes healthy feedback and criticism to ensure the studio is putting their best foot forward.

Currently, Deimos Studio has a running Kickstarter campaign to help make The Tenth Hell: Stygian a reality. There, they encourage you to try their demo to take a sneak peak at what the game has to offer. We enjoyed the game so much that we featured in in last week’s Crowdfunding Corner.

The Tenth Hell: Stygian – What you need to know

screenshot-8Stygian is a third-person RPG where you play as the character Axel. Axel is a Spectre Hunter who is in charge of keeping the city of Stygian safe every night. The undead are outside of the city gates, just waiting for the right time to strike.

Axel has the ability to become one of three different classes: Arcanist, Custodian, or Explorer.

  • Arcanist: Possesses high initial energy, but low health. Weak in melee combat, but can deal high damage at long range. The Arcanist has the ability to control the forces of nature.
  • Custodian: Possesses a high health pool, but low energy. Weak in range combat, but strong melee skills. This class uses swords, axes, and shields.
  • Explorer: Possesses a balance between energy and health. Very versatile with the ability to apply status effects. Uses traps, stealth, and ranged combat.

screenshot-2The Tenth Hell: Stygian allows the player to personalize their player experience through decision making. This is likened to choose-your-own-adventure stories, in that all choices you make will directly affect the narrative. This allows for a unique playing experience for each play through.

Deimos Studios has planned to make The Tenth Hell: Stygian available on multiple platforms. Specifically: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4. The ability to do so likely has a direct correlation with the success of the Kickstarter campaign.


screenshot-6Combat in Stygian takes place in the open world. The demo supports game pad play, and Axel’s skills are assigned to three specific buttons. Those skills become a part of your rotation to land heavier attacks with your main attack (used via the x button) is used as a filler.

103bbf6a6f6eb1a0e156392cf7fd70fc_originalAxel also has one ultimate skill that has a long charge time that can be used strategically/sparingly. Your class of choice will dictate your overall play style, but basic controls such as running, dodging, blocking, and jumping all have an energy cost associated with them, which means you will need to monitor your energy consumption to ensure victory.

What’s to come

Deimos Studios is an indie studio that has big plans. The Tenth Hell is the name they have decided to give all their future games, with Stygian being the first of the hopeful franchise. The studio’s scriptwriter has already created the universe and the rest of the team are already thinking about how to bring it to life.

screenshot-3The developers are off to a great start with Stygian. Not only is the story appealing, but the art-style is very pleasing as it combines realism and comic style into something the studio calls “Comic Deep Shading.”

The game currently has 16 days left to go with Kickstarter. The studio has laid out their road map for Stygian if the project is successfully funded:

  • August 2018 – Windows/Linux/Mac OS Alpha (‘The Sergeant’ pledge level or above required).
  • December 2018 – Windows/Linux/Mac OS Beta (‘The Warrior’ pledge level or above required).
  • Q1, 2019 – Global release for Windows/Linux/Mac OS/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.



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