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Aperion Cyberstorm Nintendo Switch Review

Today, Aperion Cyberstorm by aPriori Digital hits the Nintendo eShop for Switch and Wii U. The game also launches on Steam and has future plans to release on Xbox.

Aperion Cyberstorm is an arcade-style bullet-hell twin stick shooter with RPG elements. It comes with three different ways to play the game: Campaign, Versus, and Onslaught.


allmodes01The game can be enjoyed in single player mode or local multiplayer, and it supports up to 5 different players at the same time. If playing against the AI, the computer difficulty will automatically increase based on the number of players in the game.

The game follows the typical aesthetic for bullet-hell shooters and combines it with traditional arcade shooter mechanics. The unique thing about Aperion Cyberstorm is that it allows you to fully customize your ship based on your play style.

shipselect01powerupsselect01You are able to pick from twelve different ships that all have varying statistics, such as: damage, health, speed, and recharge. Once you have selected your ship you can pick two abilities out of a total of fourteen. These abilities are your ship’s weapon enhancements and can be used and combined to increase your damage output. The enhancements are temporary and can be used on a cool down.

From there, you are left to unleash hell on your opponents. Up to five friends can play locally on any of the game modes, which makes this a great party couch game.


1pfarianexplosionIn this game mode, it falls to you and your party to find your missing team. As you journey and progress throughout the campaign, you will find new ships and abilities. The campaign can be enjoyed in six different difficulties, but you will need to unlock three of them to play them all. This game mode boasts roughly two hours of game play as you make your way across four unique worlds.


5p_control01This game mode is exactly what you may think. Play against friends locally or AI. There are a total of 32 different maps you can play on and you can change things like health levels or respawn times to customize the battle further. The best part about this game mode is that there are a total of nine different Versus options to choose from.

  • Arena: Reach the target score first to win
  • Survivor: Battle with a limited number of lives
  • Deadline: Get the most points within the time limit to win
  • Last Stand: One life per round. The last ship left wins the round
  • Titan: Get points as the titan to win. Defeat the Titan to take their place
  • Battle Ball: Hunt the target, and destroy it first to get a point
  • King: Battle for control of a key area of the map
  • Control: Reach the point target by holding the most areas on the map
  • Salvage: Abilities are one-use only. Collect new abilities around the map



ons_screen02The goal here is simple: survive. Waves of enemies will be thrown at you and you will need to balance evasiveness with offense in order to live long enough. After each wave the game will score your performance with a rating of one to five total stars. If you perform well enough on one map you will unlock the next. You start out with two maps unlocked. Increase your score and your rating by holding your combo multiplier.

Game Play

websiteversus02_dvd.originalThe game controls are typical for that of a twin-stick shooter. Your left joystick controls movement while the right fires and aims. L or R will allow your ship to perform a brief “sprint” or dash, which can help get you out of a jam. ZL and ZR each perform one of your two selected power up enhancements.

The controls are very smooth, especially in hand-held mode. Individual Joy-con play does not seem to be supported, however the use of a pro-controller or both Joy-cons work very well.

Generally, players are concerned about movement and accuracy for games like this, but the game responds well to the joy sticks and maneuvering and aiming are pretty seamless.


Aperion Cyberstorm comes loaded with features with the rare ability to support up to 5 different players at the same time. The campaign length is just about right for this type of game and the ability to enjoy it and challenge yourself with six difficulty settings is attractive.

aperion_screenshot06 (1)Onslaught is incredibly fun and engaging and certainly a must have play mode for a game like this. The Versus play mode is what sets this game apart. With up to nine different types to choose from in addition to the customization features available, this game mode is what yields the highest replay value.

If you are a fan of arcade-style, bullet-hell shooters, then this is probably a game for you. There is plenty of rich content coupled with a firestorm of absolute chaos. The price point is perfect at $14.99 on Steam and the eShop and it is worth noting it is currently available for 10% off for it’s opening week.

As far as bullet-hell shooters go, Aperion Cyberstorm is a highly custom arcade-like experience with tons of features. Couple that with it’s low price point and Redonkulous Gaming gives it a score of 8.2/10


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