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Guardian of Andra – From College to your PC

They call themselves the Modern Wizards Group. The group of university students responsible for creating Guardian of Andra. Once again, we see a school project turn into a genuine gaming experience.

In January of 2018, the Modern Wizards Group confirmed on Game Jolt, that they would continue to develop the one time school project by saying:

As stated in the game’s page, this is a university project that we worked on for a little under six months among many other academic difficulties, and we released it online with barely any expectations.

That being said, the response we’ve been getting has been an absolute surprise! Just, the amount of views, downloads, comments, and, dear lord, gameplays! We’re very happy to see how many people like Guardian of Andra, and want to see it grow.

So we’re very happy to tell you all that we will be continuing with the project! We want to make it into something that we’re proud of and that people can enjoy.

After playing the demo, we couldn’t be more delighted by this news!

Guardian of Andra: What you need to know

GoAgameplay8-pgqvy6tiThe game is set in a dangerous time in a dangerous world where the people depend on their designated Guardian to protect them from evil forces. The story picks up with the main character, Erinn, finding out her brother, Zed, has disappeared. As it turns out, Zed was the Grand Guardian of their village and his disappearance means that the village is susceptible to the dangers of the world.

Erinn becomes hellbent on finding out what happened to her brother and she departs for a nearby sanctuary to see if the monster that inhabits it is responsible for his disappearance. What Erinn doesn’t realize is that she has set in motion a series of events that puts her on a path of discovering the mystery of Andra itself.

Game Play

GoAgameplay12-vymdi3yqGuardian of Andra plays very similarly to other RPGs with combat reminiscent of the Fable series. Your main abilities are your base attack which send’s Erinn hacking and slashing her way through enemy forces. She also has an attack which damages in a 360 degree radius that also consumes stamina.

Throughout exploration of the first sanctuary, Erinn comes across the spirit of someone who failed to become a Guardian. The spirit recognizes Erinn’s strength and asks to come with her. The spirit imbues Erinn with the ability to heal herself up to 15 times on a “charge” basis.

While Erinn works her way through the sanctuary she must defeat monsters and gather orbs. These orbs can be used to empower Erinn further by increasing weapon damage, raising her defense, or increasing her stamina.


GoAgameplay11-gsgtk8h9Once Erinn has made her way deep into the sanctuary and conquered enemies, she comes across the legendary weapon, Flux. Flux is guarded by a horde of monsters and once Erinn eliminates them she is free to claim Flux as her own. Flux is said to be so powerful that it drives people to insanity if they are unworthy. However, when Erinn seizes Flux, she is deemed as worthy and is imbued with an additional power: Polaris.

GoApolarisshot-hunfmzs6Polaris gives Erinn the ability to put a magnetic charge on magic items. Once the charges are placed, Erinn activates Polaris and the two items are drawn to each other. Littered throughout the sanctuary are magic cubes and hard to reach treasure chests. By placing a Polaris charge on a cube and the chest, you are able to draw chests towards the cube on the ground, making the chest attainable. The use of Polaris is instrumental to solving puzzles and navigating through the rest of the sanctuary.

What’s to come

Based on the dev logs found on Game Jolt, the Modern Wizards Group (aka Heart Compass Studio) is drawing heavily on inspiration from the latest Zelda title: Breath of the Wild.

Here are some other things we’ve been doing:

Reworking some of the assets

Improving Erinn’s movement and animations

Adding more monsters

Balancing the game overrall

Rethinking the level design

Creating a better localization system

Needless to say, the development and advancement of this game is very exciting to us and we will be tracking and posting updates on the game in the future. If you would like to follow the game and developers, then we recommend the below links.



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