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Game to Watch: Dungeon Chop Chop

The best part of indie game development is the effort that goes into developing a game. Where larger studios get in the mode of churning out content and packing it up for sale, indie game developers tend to take their time and hammer out every detail of a game before going to market. Some developers just make games because they enjoy it. Others make them for school projects and wind up making an exciting action RPG adventure.

Such is the case for the development team of Slack Dragon, creators of exciting multiplayer rogue-like, top-down adventure Dungeon Chop Chop.

The Dungeon Chop Chop team is based out of Australia and was originally a team of seven developers. However, once the school project came to an end, only two of the original developers decided to stay on to continue developing the game. The two man team of Shannon (Designer) and Harrison (Programmer) have since released the game in demo form on Game Jolt with the desire to release the game next on Steam.

What is Dungeon Chop Chop

chopchop1Slack Dragon summarizes it best on their website by saying: “Dungeon Chop Chop is a multiplayer, action rogue-like, RPG adventure currently in development. Heavily influenced by classics such as Legend of Zelda, Golden Axe Warrior and Secret of Mana, it has also been inspired by modern action rogue-like’s such as Spelunky, Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy.”

To be more specific, you take on the role of an adventurer who has stepped up to challenge an evil force that has stolen from the people and ruined the surrounding land. You are one of many who have tried and failed to defeat the enemy. You can go it alone, or team up with another adventurer locally to take on the challenge.

chopchop2The world is randomly generated each time you start a new game. Enemies, map, and loot found in barrels, crates, or treasure chests are randomly generated every time you start a new game. Every play through is unique and success comes down to a combination of skill and luck.

Randomization and Chop Chop Luck

Dungeon Chop Chop is rather unforgiving for new players. Death is final and the only thing you can take with you into the afterlife to a new game is whatever the roulette wheel lands on. In my case of bad luck, it generally means 20 gold or less.

chopchop5When a new game is created, the map, enemies, and loot is randomized. This includes everything that can be found or purchased in the starting town, which acts as your base of operations. Upon spawning in a new world, you are greeted by a quest giver who hands you a chunk of gold and tells you to set out for the first of 4 dungeons.

Prior to leaving town, you smash up all the crates and barrels to collect more gold to purchase some starting equipment, usually in the form of an upgraded weapon (you start with a wooden sword) and a shield. With some luck, you will have some affordable options available to you, which allows you to purchase a key to unlock a nearby treasure chest, some armor, and a sword.

chopchop3There will be instances where you are forced to set out with the bare minimum. In those cases it is recommended to stay close to town until you gather enough gold to upgrade your gear.

Weapons, shields, and armor play a major part in Dungeon Chop Chop. Some shields or armor can ever protect you from elemental or poison damage entirely, which is incredibly valuable early on. Weapons can also be imbued with magical properties such as fire or ice that make them more effective against enemies.

Chop Chop Game Play

chopchop7The game, as previously mentioned, can be somewhat cut-throat. Having tested the game only in solo mode, it is easy to understand where having a second player would make the game significantly easier in the early stages, but somewhat more complicated later on as the game mechanics get more intense.

Killing monsters in the surrounding environment is imperative to optimizing and strengthening your gear set. This is easier said than done since as little as 4 hits taken could mean your death. To succeed, you will need to deploy hit-and-run tactics on some enemies to ensure you stay alive to collect the gold.

chopchop4Gold can be used for more than just gear. You will also encounter NPCs throughout your travels that are willing to sell you goods, give helpful hints, or even train you. One of the early skills you can learn is the dash ability, which helps with overall mobility that results in the ability to stay alive longer.

Balancing your checkbook is the most difficult part of the game (other than staying alive). Deciding whether to use your riches on gear, enhancements, keys, or skills can be the difference between life and death.

Support the Developers

From school project to potential Steam darling, Dungeon Chop Chop has been well received by the general public on Game Jolt. Slack Dragon has positioned their game to be more than initially imagined.

To help them see their game to completion and enjoy the full release of the game, consider supporting them on Patreon where they have a number of support options available.

If you would like to support them on social media, then you can follow them on Twitter to monitor the game’s progress. Don’t forget to try to demo on Game Jolt and take a crack at the chop chop action.




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