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Mad Carnage Nintendo Switch Review

Mad Carnage hit the Nintendo eShop today for the bargain price of $4.99. Mad Carnage already has a following in place, as Canadian best-selling author, Evan Currie, created the story behind the campaign.

Drageus Games and Qubic Games are the development and publishing team behind Mad Carnage, which is a turn-based combat car strategy game. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, which as mentioned, was created by Evan Currie.


Mad Carnage Screenshot 2The story follows the events and happenings of John Carnage as he adventures across a world ravaged by what is deemed as the “Great War.” The player follows John Carnage across a desolate and ruined  landscape in a lawless world.

Throughout his adventures, he encounters opposing factions who have all, like John Carnage, turned their cars into lean, mean, fighting machines. Each car has their own weapons and steering mechanics that are unique to that specific car type. Cars can be upgraded and used in campaign mode, or against a friend in local multiplayer mode.


Mad Carnage Screenshot 9The campaign is certainly the strength of Mad Carnage as Evan Currie makes his presence known. The story line, as created by Evan, is engaging and creates a sense of eagerness for the player. After each level, a new part of the story is unveiled through comic book styled narrative.

There are a total of 20 levels in the campaign, which help to tell the story of John Carnage.

Game Play

Mad Carnage Screenshot 5Mad Carnage is easily compared to a lot of other turn-based combat and strategy games. Movement is tile based and actions must be performed within the car’s field of vision. Navigating and positioning your car(s) is priority one, while you work to eliminate enemy forces.

Different cars have different attributes in the form of weapons and steering mechanics, which really make a difference in your strategic approach. Long range missiles can be deployed to eliminate forces, which brings another variable to the battle strategy. The cover system is not as intuitive as some of the other turn-based games we have covered, but utilizing cover on the map is essential to overall success.

Mad Carnage Screenshot 7The multiplayer versus mode can be played with one other person locally or against AI. There are a total of eight different maps available in this mode.

The use of a pro-controller or joy-cons are supported while the Switch is docked. The game also plays very well in handheld mode as well.


Mad Carnage Screenshot 1As we examine the turn-based strategy genre, there is certainly a deep bench of options available for players on the Switch. Mario vs Rabbids is the most well known, as it was released early after the console was launched. Other games, such as Steamworld Heist, brought a different flair to the Switch. Those two games both drew on worlds which were already created based on the success of past games.

Mad Carnage Screenshot 8Mad Carnage had the task of creating it’s own world and story. This is a challenging task, yet thanks to the development team and story credit to Evan Currie, they delivered on this front. The price point also reflects the simplistic approach to the genre, which makes the game a bargain just to play through the story alone. Thankfully, a multiplayer options exists against AI, which allows you to practice enough to be successful with the campaign.

Due to the rich story, art design and generous price point, Redonkulous Gaming gives Mad Carnage for Nintendo Switch a score of 7.2/10.

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