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Grave Danger Review – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Recently Spotted Shark Studio announced that Grave Danger can be had for free by registering, following, and sharing Grave Danger on social media via Brightlocker. By completing these actions the user will obtain enough gold to “purchase” the game free of charge.

Additionally, the studio has confirmed that an Ultimate Edition of Grave Danger will be released tomorrow, January 25th! The new version will include 10 new levels, new features, and an expanded story!

In light of this news, as well as confirmation of a Nintendo Switch port in Q3 of this year, we opted to highlight Grave Danger in it’s current state.

What is Grave Danger?

2018-01-23 21-56-59_MomentGrave Danger is an adventure puzzle game that revolves around teamwork to complete each level. As a single player, you control up to three different characters: a cowboy, a wizard, and a skeleton – with the goal of reaching the end of the level and collecting items such as wanted posters along the way for bonus points.

The game can be played locally via co-op and use of a controller is highly recommended for both co-op and single player, as the keyboard controls are a bit disjointed.

Grave danger 3You will switch between the cowboy (Dante), wizard (Elliot), and skeleton (Malice) in order to take advantage of the required skill-set to overcome the obstacle or barrier before you. All playable characters must reach the end of each stage in order to complete it.

The Cast of Grave Danger

Dante: This cowboy has the ability to jump off of walls using his spurs. He can climb walls effortlessly and reach places the other part members cannot. He wields a pistol and has a dash ability which can be paired with jump for increased effectiveness.

Elliot: This wizard has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Double jump comes in handy frequently to reach places Dante cannot. Elliot also has the ability to phase through enemies and burn down enemies quickly with magic.

Malice: A reaper with the unique ability to glide through the air in order to overcome large chasms or reach that hard to reach wanted poster. Malice throws his scythe like a boomerang to take down multiple enemies at once.


To avoid spoilers for those who have not played it, we will simply state that the story is very humorous and the banter between the characters makes for an incredibly enjoyable experience. We certainly hope that Elliot gets the severance package that he is due.Grave Danger


Grave Danger manages to take a random cast of characters and tie them into a succinct and humorous story. News of Spotted Shark Studio looking to port the game to consoles was first confirmed on the Steam page in January of 2017. The game’s best fit is likely the Nintendo Switch, and we were incredibly pleased to hear the studio confirm release of the game on the Switch for 2018.

grave danger 4If you are a fan of puzzles and platforming this is the game for you. It presents a challenge and the daunting task of managing three playable characters in order to succeed.

The humorous story line, unique cast of characters, and management of those characters’ skills and positioning make this a wonderful puzzle-platformer. Redonkulous Gaming gives Grave Danger a score of 8.4/10 and we cannot wait for Nintendo Switch release.









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