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Keep Your Eye on Earth Romancer

Earth Romancer by Lunar Hare Studios is down to their last five days on FigFig is a community publisher. They involve the community of gamers and fans in the publishing process, with the mission of providing funding and promotion of fresh, innovative games from independent studios.

EarthRomancer3Currently the campaign sits at 34% of its $100,000 funding goal and has unfortunately slowed as of late. The game is loaded with potential and the developer has decided to put the game on display by releasing a public alpha for everyone to try.

For more information around the game and the campaign on Fig, take a moment and watch the following video.

What is Earth Romancer?

EarthRomancer1Earth Romancer is a fighting game at it’s core, but has incorporated RPG elements to the character design and story. The developer cites Melty Blood and Marvel vs. Capcom for inspiration of Earth Romancer. When you think of Earth Romancer, you can think of an arcade platform brawler with flashy aesthetics.

The game is currently projected for initial release on Steam for Windows as well as Nintendo Switch. The projected timeline for release is late Q4 of 2018 or early 2019, but the success of the Fig campaign is likely indicative of that time frame. Early access on Steam will come first.

EarthRomancerKeagenEarth Romancer plans on slotting right in to the competitive fighting scene and the developers have committed to having the game tournament ready upon release! Unique game mechanics such as bullet-hell style fighting are bound to draw competitive gamers to Earth Romancer.

Game Play

EarthRomancer2Earth Romancer has the look and feel of a platform fighter and relies on traditional mechanics found within the genre. The execution of combos and positioning are imperative to effective fighting, but the bullet-hell mechanic and the ability to dash or phase through projectiles make it even more interesting.

The platform play is similar to that of Super Smash Bros or recently released indie Brawlout on Nintendo Switch. Your goal is to damage your opponent enough to knock them far enough off the platform that they are not able to recover.

As you play, you have the ability to shift between two play modes that can drastically affect the outcome of each battle. You can choose between Redshift and Blueshift or switch between the two of them while in combat.

Story Mode

EarthRomancerPalanteIt is hard to gain appreciation for your fighter of choice when you know little about them. The developers have recognized this and created a single player story mode to help you form a bond with your fighter while you learn about their lore and backstory.

The characters in Earth Romancer are a part of a world call Xamsara, which is inhabited by Arcanum – “mystical creatures of otherworldly power that are attracted to the emotions and dreams of people.”

This concept helps to blend the art style with sci-fi and fantasy concepts into a single universe.

Consider supporting Earth Romancer on Fig and continue to track the progress of the game’s development throughout the year!

Developer: Lunar Hare Studios



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