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Amazing Pea TD: Preliminary Review

We don’t often feature games with mobile aspirations on this website. That is not intended to disqualify or diminish mobile games in any way. It is simply because there are so many of them and there are tons of worthy indies to cover!

That being said, Amazing Pea TD by Bambakagames is worth the highlight!

Amazing Pea TD is a tower defense game that is slated to come to Android and iOS after launching on Steam in the early half of this year. There is currently a robust demo available for download free of charge on Game Jolt should you opt to try the game for yourself.

Game Play

2018-01-18-14-52-44_std.originalThe game is simple in design, which allows everyone to pick it up somewhat effortlessly. This is an ideal principle for mobile games, but even more ideal in the current demo state, as there is not much in the way of a tutorial. You will mostly rely on trial and error to get going, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be sucked in!

Aliens have invaded and the only thing standing in their way are mutated plants, each with a very unique skill-set.

AmazingPeaTD3Instead of the traditionally straight forward tower defense, the aliens have the ability to path in multiple directions, which means you will need to fortify each fork in the road equally to succeed.

At the beginning of each stage you are given 10 hit points and if 10 enemies get through, you have failed the level and allowed the aliens to enslave you. Each level has roughly 8 to 10 different waves, each with new aliens with new strengths and weaknesses.

AmazingPeaTD2You will need to rely on your plant buddies to slow, freeze, punch, electrocute, or burn the aliens to a crisp to advance to the next stage. Obstacles will also appear on the battlefield which need to be removed in order to place your plant defense. In order to remove them, you will have to place plants nearby and target the obstacle to focus fire it down. Timing is essential here because you do not want to get caught removing obstacles while aliens are allowed to roam free!

Assuming you are able to place your defenses effectively, you stand to gain new skills such as upgrading plants, spells, and new barricades as you progress.

Upon release of the game on Steam, Bambakagames has planned 20 unique and hand-crafted levels with the plans to add more.


While Amazing Pea TD is still currently in it’s demo form, it feels relatively complete. The developer has stated that they are working to currently enhance the graphics even more and they will continue to adjust things and update the game on a regular basis. They have already planned to add more levels, which likely will lead to more achievements.

AmazingPeaTD4I have spent over 4 hours on this game myself over the course of a week. The art style and overall replayabilty would make this a game I would download and play on my iPhone pretty regularly. The game reminds me of Plants vs Zombies in a lot of ways. Originally is was the cartoonistic feel of the game, but once I learned the nuances of the defensive units I saw even more parallels.

Price is going to play a major part in the overall review score. As of this article, the projected price of this game on Steam and mobile are unknown. I will (dangerously) assume the game will be $5.00 or less and by doing so…

Redonkulous Gaming gives Amazing Pea TD a score of 7.3/10 thanks largely in part to the ability to control your defenses’ target and the random enemy routes which increases overall replayability.

Developer: Bambakagames


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