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BRAWL: Nintendo Switch Review

Our friends at Qubic Games are at it again. You may remember them as the development and publishing team behind Astro Bears Party and Robonauts. This time they have partnered with developer Bloober Team. BRAWL was released today on the Nintendo eShop and is categorized as an action, party, fighting game. There are even some puzzler elements to the game since it takes strategy and tact to not only get from point a to point z, but to also eleminate enemies and complete each stage in a timely fashion.

Add a dash of horror to the mix as all the playable characters are modeled after every baddie you had nightmares about as a kid. This is Bloober Team’s specialty, as they are most known for Layers of Fear and Observer. It is also worth noting that Layers of Fear:Legacy is also due for release on Nintendo Switch later this quarter.

Single Player Game Play

Single player game play is 100% local, so you can only play against the AI. Each character has their own story mode, and when you first start out you can choose between four different terrifying characters.

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Each character has the main basic skill of laying down bombs. Bombs are used to either clear a path or take down enemies. Power-ups can be found within the maze/battlefield which will enhance the overall potency of your bombs, or give you the ability to perform your character’s special attack.

loading_clown_03Each character also has a unique skill which greatly affects the play style of the game. For example, Sad Clown had the ability to perform sneeze which can move bombs and other objects in the direction you sneeze in. This ability has a short cool down and makes the largest impact on which character you may have an affinity.

The single player story mode has anywhere from 5-6 total stages for each character. You have the ability to unlock four additional characters as well as concept art by making your way through each character’s story mode. The story mode consists of different stages which are all timed. You will receive a score based on how quickly you finish a stage and how many enemies you dispatch. There are also boss fights which are all challenging, even on the lowest difficulty setting.

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BRAWL_Screen8Outside of story mode, the following game modes also exist within the context of challenge modes and can also be played as multiplayer locally:

  • Horde: This is a survival mode where you fight off waves of enemies and accrue points for enemies killed
  • Sheep: You play as a shepard (armed with bombs and explosive sheep) that must protect your flock from enemies
  • Who’s the Boss: A fight against bosses, minions, and time. Kill the bosses and minions and don’t run out of time!

Multiplayer Game Play

BRAWL_Screen4This is where Brawl really shines as a party couch game. There are six different multiplayer modes (all local) that are very entertaining.

  • Versus: Free-for-all play mode for up to four players
  • Duel: 1 on 1 battle to the death!
  • Classic: Start with a power-up and face off against friends
  • Sumo: Push your opponents off the platform to win
  • Color Domination: Use bombs and skills and cover the largest percentage of the map with your color
  • Team Arena: Team up with a friend and take on two other friends

There is a play mode for just about everyone to enjoy and there is no shortage of character combinations and skills.


loading_girl_03Brawl is very unique and combines several genres into a very satisfying blend. The single player experience is wonderful with story modes for all eight playable characters plus three challenge modes.

Multiplayer adds even more variety to the game, but is limited to local play only which may deter some gamers.

Brawl is a wonderful couch party game and certainly stands out among other Switch titles.

Brawl blends action, fighting, horror, and party genres into an enjoyable local experience, but lacks online play modes. Therefore, Redonkulous Gaming gives Brawl a score of 7.7/10

Developer: Bloober Team

Publisher: Qubic Games



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