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Interview: Nixalon Studios

We’ve said it before, but right now is a great time for the indie development scene. There are so many tools available online and guides on how to use them, people are turning their passion for gaming into actual games.

Sadiq, Co-Founder of Nixalon Studios

This is the case for two brothers, Ali and Sadiq, from Nigeria. They are in the process of creating their dream game, a hybrid combination of their favorite genres. After reviewing their game on, we reached out to the brothers and co-founders of Nixalon Studios for more information on their project and how they became new game developers.

Ali, Co-Founder of Nixalon Studios

Their goal is to produce an ambitious and unique game, combining Survival Horror, Action Shooter, Role Playing Game (RPG), and Simulation elements to create Those Days. This project came from roots most of us can relate to – a love for gaming. For Ali and Sadiq gaming has always been a passion in their lives. “Originally we love to play video games, in fact we were playing video games since we were babies” Sadiq mentions as a driving force to develop their own game.

Sadiq and Ali have different tastes in game, which often overlap to some degree. Sadiq prefers Survival games and Action Shooters while Ali would rather immerse himself in an RPG or Simulator. A realization came between them, no game combines all four of these elements into a cohesive and engaging experience. They dub their up-coming game as the first Survival, Action Shooter, Simulator RPG, which takes inspiration from an assortment of titles including The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and The Sims.

Screenshot 1409 1
Discover the secrets Wyncliff holds and how a deadly viral outbreak devastated the region

Both are students in the middle of their studies. Sadiq is a fourth year University student studying Civil Engineering. Ali is graduating High School this year with a passion to start a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Both are talented artists, responsible for creating the art assets used within Those Days. Additionally, both are well versed in programming and game development with exposure to multiple game engines used. All in all, their technical and engineering backgrounds have been a great foundation for creating their own game world.

Screenshot 1183 1
Don’t let the beautiful scenery fool you, Wyncliff is a region fighting to survive many horrors

When asked what players can expect from their upcoming release, they were candid with their response:

Those Days isn’t just about survival it’s about hope, about struggling it’s about surviving in a very realistic way against natural, human and animal disasters…Those days is about interacting with your environment, making crucial decisions some that may haunt you forever, making foes and allies and making every moment count, Those days is a game that pushes the player to their yield point without snapping the fun. It’s all about you and your adventure.

If you ask us what you can expect… we can expect to have a dynamic living, breathing world where anything goes on, be able to create your communities or integrate yourself into other communities, drive vehicles, bikes, Atv, even ride a horse, the possibilities are really endless, Those Days is unpredictable, with different random encounters, interact with your environment and survive the harsh realities, do a lot of side quest … is then and only then that you will truly understand the story of Wyncliff and history of Grendall Redwick.

-Ali and Sadiq, Co-Founders of Nixalon Studios

Their main goal with Those Days is creating a game both of them would love to play. Sadiq noted that there are many Survival games available right now, but many of them get boring rather quickly, leaving the player wanting. The unique blending of several genres into a single game promises a massive and diverse world, full of intense encounters, puzzles, exploration, settlement building, crafting, and dynamic storm systems that unleash their fury on the game world.

Screenshot 1441 1
Wyncliff is a diverse area and includes large and small cities, lush forests and sandy beaches

When asked about the challenges they faced as an independent developer, they mention a big problem is the budget. Buying the required licenses for tools and art assets can be an expensive task. Additionally, there is a large time commitment required to see the project through. However, they note that with determination and a positive mindset – anything is possible.

The bottom line is follow your dreams and make the type of video games you want to play…..and never be afraid to try something new. It’s good to be ambitious and sometimes it’s even greater to be over ambitious but that is a double-edged sword. If you pick up a game be determined to finish it up, no matter what challenges you face…….Because we believe a good game isn’t the game with all the killer features, but the game that gets DONE!

-Ali and Sadiq, Co-Founders of Nixalon Studios

We will publish a more in-depth look into Those Days, going over more of the back story and game play elements Nixalon Studios shared with us. Additionally, we will provide updated information on their crowd sourcing campaign, which they intend to launch during the first quarter of 2018 with a hopeful Nintendo Switch release for the fourth quarter of 2018.

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