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Steamworld Heist: Ultimate Edition – XCOM in Space without the Third Dimension

Steamworld Heist – Ultimate Edition joined the Nintendo Switch lineup on December 28, 2017.  The game was originally released on other consoles throughout 2015 and 2016.  The Ultimate Edition for the Nintendo Switch provides players with the complete game and all additional content that was part of DLC’s on the other consoles.

Steamworld Heist – is a tactical RPG/Shooter that has elements reminiscent of XCOM and XCOM 2.  The game provides a lot of replayability with its procedurally generated levels and how you choose to level your team and which talents you choose to implement.

Game Play

Steamworld Heist has you take control of a team and works through procedurally generated levels.  You have the ability to equip weapons and tools for each team member and work through their talents and abilities to optimize the team and create the right synergy to defeat each level and collect all the treasures to be had.

The game provides a two-dimensional stage which you use to get into strategic positions.  The game provides cover in the form of destructible environments.  You need to use these environments to your advantage to mitigate the damage your team will take while maximizing the damage output to the enemy.

Heist 2

The variety of weapons provide options for players who like to rush and attack or the ones who like to stay at range and snipe their enemies out slowly.  The bullets can ricochet which provides the ability to shoot around corners or from distances that would normally not be possible.

The games leveling system provides you the opportunity to customize your team even further by being able to decide which talents and role each teammate will fill.  The experience occurs at the end of each level and is distributed evenly throughout the entire team, irregardless of how much you use that character in the level.

The games graphics and sound emulate and immerses you into the Steamworld environment perfectly.  Image & Form have built up great background and lore in the Steamworld world and taken full advantage of that backbone to create an art style and sound that is definitely unique to the games.


The story for Steamworld Heist takes place way after Steamworld Dig 2 and you take on the role of Piper Faraday as you go through space and loot, pillage and recruit on your space adventure.  Along the way there are quests and favors that you need to accomplish in order to gain favors to help you out with obtaining tools that will help in your grand pirating adventure.



The game is a great addition to the Steamworld lore and provides over 100 different weapons and hats that can allow you to create a plethora of playstyles and approach the game a different way each time.  The procedurally generated levels really add to the replay-ability of the game but the strategy has a few lacking aspects.  There should be a standard defensive stance if you don’t want to move that helps mitigate some damage and while the bobbing gun mechanic adds some timing and strategy to the game, it doesn’t make sense for robots, perhaps instead a timing of the button push to do extra damage similar to how Super Mario RPG did their block and attacks would have been a better mechanic, but this doesn’t necessarily deter from the game.

Redonkulous Gaming gives Steamworld Heist – Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch a score of 8/10

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