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Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood – Sibling Rivalry to the Extreme

Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood joined the Nintendo Switch lineup on 12/21/17 and was originally released on December 20, 2013 for the Xbox One and later on other consoles

Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood (Max) is a fast-paced puzzle platformer with a unique mechanic that allows the gamer to draw and manipulate the environment with their magic marker to get past puzzles and challenges.  The game takes great advantage of the Switches hardware by allowing the player to use the touch screen to use their marker to draw in the game.


Game Play

The game has you take control of Max as you go through a high paced puzzle platforming game.  Max level designs have you constantly moving and having to manage some strategy in between to get past enemies and puzzles.

Max introduces a unique mechanic by having you manipulate the environment with a magic marker.  As you journey through the game the magic marker gains the ability to manipulate various elements.  You start with manipulating “earth” and pulling up platforms from the ground and slowly add the ability to control other elements such as plant and water.  You need to use this power to defeat enemies, get past tricky spots in the platforming, or to get to collectibles.


Besides platforming and going to save your brother, the game also has a set of collectibles and secrets that the completionist will enjoy.  First there are the eyes which act as the spy network for the main baddie in the game.  Many of these eyes are found in places that are hard to reach or blend into the environment that you might just run right past them.  It is important to double check both above and below yourself to ensure that you find every last one of the eyes.  Second, there are the amulet pieces of the old lady that imbues your magic marker with its special powers.  Many of these are extremely well hidden and require creative use of the environment and your tool to get to the pieces to complete the amulet.

The game got a lot of bad reviews on the other consoles because the drawing controls were clunky and led to slowing down of the pace of the game.  This is where the Switch really shines and takes advantage of its amazing design and interfaces.  The Switch’s touch screen is really the way to play this game, as it gives you fast feedback and precise control to draw some of the unique platforms and shapes needed to successfully get past some of the puzzles found in the game.



The story is downright hilarious.  The game opens up and I thought I was watching a Disney movie.  You see Max coming home from school and finds his brother messing around with Max’s toys.  Max gets annoyed and looks up a way to get rid of his brother and accidentally casts a spell that gets his brother taken away to another dimension.  Being the big brother, Max obviously needs to rescue his little brother and jumps through the portal to make sure he can bring his brother back.


The game is a lot of fun and takes advantage of the Switch’s hardware to maximize the games full potential.  The story and writing is funny and the sound and graphics are fun and amazing.  The puzzles are challenging and require some thought, and the collectibles require some thought and observation to ensure you don’t miss any.

Redonkulous Gaming gives Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood for Nintendo Switch a score of 8.5/10

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