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Happy New Year – Nintendo Switch News for January 2, 2018

January 11, 2018 Nintendo Direct –  Rumors are abounding that January 11, 2018 will be when a Nintendo Direct will be coming out.  This falls on the heels of Amazon putting up place holders for new games on their website and the original leak of a potential EA email for their new game Fe.  As Eric Abent noted in his article, the timing makes sense as Nintendo did a Direct in early 2017 which catapulted the anticipation and success of the Nintendo Switch for the 2017 year.  This can be a great primer of all the things to come in 2018 and maintain the momentum that Nintendo has already generated for the system and stellar library of games that have come out for the Switch.


Mercenaries Saga ChroniclesCircle Entertainment announced that they will be releasing Mercenaries Saga Chronicles very soon for the Nintendo Switch.  This will be the first time the games will be on Nintendo Hardware.  The game is a tactical RPG (a la FF Tactics), and the announcement will be bringing the first three games in the long running series.  This is exciting as this will be the first time it will be translated to English.


Splatoon 2: Octobrush Nouveau – The Splatoon 2 Team has announced a new brush for the game, the Octobrush Nouveau.  This along with the Undercover Brella adds new dimensions to the games and tools to push Splatoon 2 into the esports arena.  These tools provide teams with support and strategic advantages that can be used to set traps or help with that critical moment to win.  What is your favorite character and weapon?  Let us know!


Idiocracy: is it possible? – So the Nintendo Switch has been an amazing system that allows you to play at home, or when your family drags you somewhere you don’t want to be then you can take the system on the go…or like me when you go to the bathroom you can still keep playing.  But…what if you could save your arm strength and not carry the system in your hands but still have the unit in sight?  When you aren’t lazy enough the “Comfortable Hands Free Stand” can help you be lazier.




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