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Sentinels: Tower Defense with a Twist!

Sentinels is not your typical tower defense game.

When I think of tower defense today, I think of mobile games that I get sucked into for a couple of days, get bored of, then proceed to delete. As a gaming community we have become almost numb to the tower defense concept and we essentially know what to expect from the genre.

Sentinels swoops in and flips everything we thought we knew about tower defense onto it’s proverbial head.

Sentinels is the first game for studio MindWalker Games who is based out of San Diego, CA.

Game Features

SentTacticalNucleus2The Sentinels campaign, while in Early Access on Steam, is already very deep. You fight alongside commanders as they fight to protect earth from invading aliens who are trying to steal a mineral that is capable of destroying the human race.

The neat thing about Sentinels is that the campaign is not just about building a defense and then sitting back and cheering your automated turrets to victory. You can (and should) build defenses that have the capability to allow you to join the fray.

SentFPSSpeedTrapBy building any first person shooter (FPS) weapons – grenade launchers, lock-on missiles, machine guns, etc – you can throw yourself into the fight and take control of the battle. This allows for deeper and more meaningful game play and is one of the reasons Sentinels is redefining tower defense.

SentFPSCreeponiumMineOne of the coolest features of Sentinels is the Mobile Gun Platform. By building this type of defense you get the capability of actively moving around the map between different platforms of the same type. This gives you the flexibility to move quickly and defend from multiple vantage points without exiting FPS mode. There is an energy cost associated with doing this, but its all worth it when you smash into enemies and throw them off course during a transition.

SentFPSCreeponiumMine2If you consider yourself more of a sniper and less of a “spray and pray” gamer, Sentinels gives you the ability to zoom in for more precise shooting capabilities. Your weapon choice will determine your effectiveness, but sniping in Sentinels is essential to landing critical hits on your enemies.

Enemies will have a small yellow mark on them. In order to score a critical hit, you must shoot the yellow mark. If successful you may cause an enemy to become wounded, thus making them more susceptible to the rest of your defense structures. This feature becomes more critical (pun intended) as the enemies increase in difficulty.

Check out this video from MindWalker Games for more about features in Sentinels:

Early Access

For gamers, the “early access” tag can be somewhat scary. Not all games in early access get to a point where they see further development and some games are never completed. When it comes to Sentinels, this should not be a concern.

The team has done an amazing job of reaching out to the community and asking for feedback and making immediate changes or fixes as needed.

SentTacticalCreeponiumMineThis is a great sign of things to come as Sentinels continues to see an uptick in momentum as more people learn about the game! With the feature set of Sentinels already so robust, the completed game is sure to check all the boxes.

With more games modes, levels, buffs, and more to come, Sentinels is on our list of top games to watch heading into 2018!

Follow along with the game’s development by following the studio on social media or playing the game in Early Access on Steam!

Developer: MindWalker Games


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