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Pokemon FPS Rumors?, Christmas Music and Switching to Twitching

JdmSXO6q8FJiJkSiOsQrW1yeD-GfpbXAoO-n4YHB6OgPokemon FPS???With the holidays and everyone salivating for news of the new first party Nintendo IPs for the Nintendo Switch, one of the biggest ones that everyone is looking for is for Pokemon.  With Creatures, Inc. posting a job opening for a 3DCG Designer (Technical Artist).  The image with the job posting looks like it is part of the Unreal Engine and the model of a 3D Pikachu could mean anything.

“Creatures is one of the original three of the “Pocket Monster” series, and mainly produces video games related to “Pocket Monsters” and card games. In recent years, in addition to “Pokemon detective Pikachu ~ Birth of a new combo ~” “Odoru Pokemon konkuku wish”, as well as “aDanza” etc as the original content was produced. We are looking for 3DCG designer (technical artist) to strengthen internal production system.”

Could this be some insight into the direction of what the new Pokemon could bring to the table? Or could this be the highly rumored Detective Pikachu game, which would also make sense with the news that Ryan Reynolds will be voicing Pikachu for the Detective Pikachu Movie.  [Reddit Post]


Santa Super Mario Odyssey –   With Christmas coming, Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing a Super Mario Odyssey sound selection on iTunes.  The selection will be available on Friday December 22 based on a tweet by NintendoSuper Mario Odyessy was a great success and had an average Metacritic score of 97, the game was also in contention for the Game of the Year award at the Game Awards and lost out to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.




Layers of Fear: LegacyLayers of Fear: Legacy has been announced to release in Q1 of 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.  Bloober Team has stated that this is a Nintendo Switch “Exclusive Version” of it’s horror game.  The game will include the Inheritance DLC with the base game.  In time for Christmas, the team has released a nice little Christmas Trailer of the first person horror game that focuses on story and exploration.



Twitch and Switch – Are you a streamer?  Do you have a Switch and frustrated that you can’t stream right off the system itself?  Well you still can, you will just need to do it the old fashioned way with a capture card.  Tom’s Guide has written up a great walk-thru of how to Stream through the Switch and they even give a recommendation of the Elgato HD60 as one of the more popular choice of hardware to use for the job.  Just keep in mind about any monetizing you are planning to do with first party Nintendo games, as they are pretty strict with it.



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