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Enter the Gungeon: Nintendo Switch Review

Enter the Gungeon joined the Nintendo Switch lineup on 12/14/17 and was originally released on April 5, 2016 for PC, Mac, and PlayStation. In April of this year, developer Dodge Roll and publisher Devolver Digital ported the game to Xbox, leaving the Switch as the last major console to get this game.

Enter the Gungeon is a fast-paced bullet hell shooter with a high degree of difficulty. It possesses dungeon-crawler-like traits and dynamic levels that consistently change the map, mobs, and bosses which makes for an unpredictably fun time!

Game Play

Enter the Gungeon classIn single-player mode, you are able to pick between four different classes: Marine, Pilot, Hunter, and Convict. All of these classes possess unique traits. The Pilot, for example, can pick locks, which can be rather useful when you are looking for the latest upgrade.

In co-op, the Cultist class becomes playable and joins the frey. Multiplayer is local and brings a new dynamic to an already cluttered screen. The ability to flip tables for cover is a necessity that will improve the survivability of you (and your companion).

Your goal is to make your way down multiple levels of the Gungeon exploring, clearing rooms, upgrading gear, and ultimately, defeat the boss before progressing to the next level. Each room contains a set of enemies which you must clear to unlock access to the next set of rooms. Your weapon of choice is a gun, and exploring the rooms to find improved guns will better your chances of success.Enter the Gungeon1

There are a number of ways to upgrade your guns. Exploring and unlocking rooms which contain chests holding items or upgrades for your character is one method. You can also seek out keys to unlock hidden rooms (by clearing rooms) which lead to vendors who will sell guns in addition to armor or health.

On each level, the player is given a set of “blanks.” Blanks are meant to be used at a strategic time to clear the screen entirely of bullets. This is best used when damage becomes unavoidable or in “must win” situations such as boss fights.

Enter the Gungeon vendor


Enter the Gungeon mapThe story is rather simplistic. Enter the Gungeon takes place on another planet. Your mission is to obtain a gun which can “kill” or re-write the past, thus improving the present. Many before you have tried and none have succeeded. The gun was locked in a fortress which you must descend if you want to change the present and obliterate the past.

Unlockable Content

There is a TON of unlockable content in Enter the Gungeon. Most of which are (you guessed it) guns! There are various achievements you need to complete in order to gain access to this content.

There are two unlockable “Gungeoneers” that you can add as playable characters as well: The Bullet and The Robot.

For a full list of unlockable content you may visit Gamepedia, but be warned, there may be spoilers.


Enter the Gungeon bossThe game is a fun and simplistic twist combining classic bullet-hell and dungeon-crawler traits into one. It is straight forward and addicting. The music sets a wonderful ambiance and sense of urgency that makes you want to push down the Gungeon. The boss fights are dynamic and well thought out.

Enter the Gungeon boss1The game does possessĀ  higher degree of difficulty, which may stress out or frustrate some players.




Redonkulous Gaming gives Enter the Gungeon for Nintendo Switch a score of 8.5/10

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