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Nintendo News December 15, 2017: Payday 2, Titan Quest, SpiritSphere DX, Nintendo Prepping us for the Matrix and so much more!


Payday 2Payday 2 is a game that was released in 2013 and is a cooperative first person shooter where you work together to pull off heists.  The game has you teaming up with three other members that need to work together to meet certain objectives and pull of a successful heist, if you screw up the cops will swarm and try to stop you from meeting those objectives.  The game has a massive following and has had continual updates and DLCs to add more heists and content to the game.  The game has been announced for a February 2018 release.

titan quest

Titan Quest –  Titan quest is a classic action role-playing game that has recently been re-released on the PC with an anniversary edition.  The game has been confirmed to be releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One on March 20th, and sometime in 2018 for the switch.  A description from the developers defines the game as “From Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and Braveheart writer Randall Wallace comes an action role playing game set in ancient Greece, Egypt and Asia. The Titans have escaped their eternal prison, wreaking havoc upon the earth. The gods seek a hero who can turn the tide in an epic struggle that will determine the fate of both men and gods. Are you ready for the quest?”

fallen legion

Fallen Legion – Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion will be releasing in one package for the Nintendo Switch in 2018.  The game “marries the intensity of action games with the trials of ruling an empire to create a unique RPG where every battle is a heart-pounding fight and each gut-wrenching choice impacts the realm.”  The lands are hand-drawn and is filled with soldiers and dragons.  The story in both games create a rich universe for the land of Fenumia.  The game is set to release in 2018.


SpiritSphere DXEeendhoorn Game’s the developer of Spiritsphere DX.  The game is “One part tennis, other part magical beat down!  Play solo or compete with friends by battlign across fantasical realms and unleash the power of the Spirit Spheres!”  Spiritsphere DX is planning to release in Spring, 2018 for $11.99.


Wasteland 2 – Wasteland 2 by Inxile Entertainment is the sequel to the 1988 self-proclaimed first-ever post-apocalypitc RPG Wasteland, which is the inspiration behind the Fallout Series.  The game allows you to play a multi-path problem solving game with choices and consequences and the one-key-per-lock puzzle solving method.  Deck out your Range squad and get ready for maximum destruction.  All choices are yours.


Shin Megami Tensai V Shin Megami Tensai V will be releasing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.  Atlus, the game studio behind the series and is also known for the Persona series made the announcement and this will be the fifth “full” installment in the series.  The website has a teaser with “Coming Soon”. (image is from Shin Megami Tensai IV)


Adventure Time: Pirates of the EnchiridionOutright Games has announced the Adventure Time game which is an open world adventure where “The land of Ooo is underwater, and it’s up to Finn & Jake to find out why.  Join our heroes as they explore dangerous waters, search for clues and interrogate pirates and fight bad guys to solve this wet, wet mystery and save the day!”  Make sure to check out their website for a chance to name Finn & Jake’s Boat.  The game is scheduled for Spring 2018.


Innerspace – “In the final days of the Inverse, you must help the Archaeologist recover the last remaining memories before they are lost forever. Fly through ancient skies and abandoned oceans to discover the lost history of this fading realm, where entire civilizations have died, yet their gods still wander.  InnerSpace is an exploration flying game set in the Inverse, a world of inside-out planets where gravity pulls outward instead of in.”


Regalia: Royal Edition – Regalia of Men and Monarchs by Pixelated Milk is a tactical RPG set in a cheerful fantasy world full of weirdness and wonder. Assemble your party, go adventuring, manage your kingdom, make new friends, and defeat your opponents in challenging turn-based combat.  The game has been announced for Q1 of 2018.


Puppy Joy-Con – Hyperkin is releasing a new grip for the joy-cons called the Pupper Controller Attachment.  The attachment makes your Joy-Con setup look like a puppy and while the Joy-Cons are inserted into the grip, the unit can charge the Joy-Cons.  These release next week you can find it on Amazon.





The Nintendo Matrix – Nintendo filed a patent on December 14, 2017 for a “Passive Walking Device and Passive Walking Module”.  What do they plan on using it for?  Turning us all into robots?  Preparing for SkyNet’s inevitable takeover?  Letting people walk and play the Switch at the same time without watching where they are going?  Making us Terminators???? The possibilities abound.  Check out the original article here by


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