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Indie Highlight: The Last 72 Hour: Zombies Zone


The Last 72 Hour: Zombies Zone is a real-time/ semi-post-apocalyptic survival game represented by the first person shooter genre. Should the game succeed in hitting their stretch goals on Indiegogo, it will be made available on PC and Xbox.

Other features will include:

  • New playable character: Max the dog
  • World War II mode
  • Online Co-op for up to four players

Consider supporting the campaign on Indiegogo if this is a game you’d be interested in playing. The Last 72 Hour was chosen as one of the best game that participated in a joint competition held by Manga Productions and Square Enix.

The Last 72 Hour: Zombies Zone

The game currently features two different play modes: Story and Survival. Golden Parrot Studio has loaded a playable demo on GameJolt which has some pretty deep features that will allow you to test drive the game before it goes live.


This is a first-person shooter/ survival game that combines typical elements found within each genre. The story takes place while a virus is actively being spread and infecting people within your city limits. Your character sets out with his daughter and friend to get out of the city after the government decides to send in large military forces to try to contain the threat. It takes about 72 hours to get outside of the city limits, and the number of infected continue to grow.

You will need to manage your hunger and ensure you are taking in enough water by salvaging and foraging for resources. The infected are not like typical zombies that you see in the movies or on tv. They can run and wield weapons, which makes the threat even greater. You will need to sneak and remain out of sight to avoid large herds chasing you and your companions down. You will also need to limit the amount of noise you make, since the zombies are also attracted to loud noises such as gunfire.

Story Mode

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As the game currently exists in demo form, the story starts out a little slow. The decision to leave your home comes in the midst of a news story where it is clear the virus is spreading and the government will do whatever it takes to contain it.

You sneak through large fields following your friend, Frank, while you and your daughter, Lisa, trail behind. The zombie forces that descend on your party are easily manageable which makes Frank’s lack of urgency frustrating at times. In order to get him to move after longer pauses you need to stand right on top of him to push the story forward. This is very minor criticism, but it would really help gamers if it started out with a faster sequence of events.

screenshoot 12-ajbvwjviZombies move quickly and quietly and close in on you in the same manner. Adjusting to their speed and ability to wield weapons (and shields) teaches you early on to keep your head on a swivel. Weapon modifications such as silencers become a must-have as you advance further into the story so that you can manage the influx of zombie attackers. Melee weapons, such as axes are great tools for hunting or quietly dispatching zombies.

Survival Mode

The Last 72 Hour has the mandatory survival mode included in the game. This mode is similar to other games where you enter an arena and you must kill the zombies you encounter. Each zombie kill earns you credit to purchase new and improved weapons to better your chances against the next wave of zombies in the next round.

last72surv2There is no limit to the number of rounds in this mode and the game ends upon your death. Zombies drop power-ups in this mode, such as: max ammo, nuke, or freeze time. All of these power ups make each round easier. However, the longer you stay alive the harder it is to bring the zombies down as you progress to later rounds.

The demo currently has one arena available in this round and the full game is set to add more.

Follow along with the game’s development by following the studio on social media, sponsoring the Indiegogo campaign, or playing the demo on GameJolt.

Developer: Golden Parrot Studio


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