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Company Spotlight: Qubic Games

Our mission at Redonkulous Gaming is to connect independent game developers to their player base and to show off the human side of game development. We also balance this with highlighting and showcasing fantastic games that fly under the radar. But there is another side to the gaming community that is rarely talked about: Publishing.

We had the opportunity to speak to Jakub Pieczykolan who is the CEO and largest share holder of Qubic Games. Qubic Games lives in both the world of game development and publishing and they are responsible for bringing  Robonauts and Astro Bears Party to Nintendo Switch in 2017. Jakub has developed a few games on mobile as well as the Nintendo DSi console, and it is those experiences that he draws from when evaluating what games to bring to the Nintendo Switch.

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Qubic Games was founded in 2004 by Jakub as a developer focused on creating games for Java enabled phones. By 2006, the company pivoted to making games for Nintendo platforms which included: DS, DSi, Wii, and 3DS. From 2013-2014 Qubic Games partnered with the University of Warsaw and created their own game engine, C-Way. This allowed them to become more independent and led to them becoming a publicly traded company in 2016.

Today, Qubic Games focuses on creating premium games for Nintendo Switch, while also maintaining presence on PC, Mac, and other consoles. Their main goal (in the role of a publisher) is to closely work with developers and support them in business and game development.

In fact, in the last year Qubic Games has helped create THREE new game studios:

  • Noobz: Located in Poland and currently working on developing Total Tank Simulator
  • Drageus Games: Primary project in development is The Excalibur Defense
  • SONKA: A company focused on the Nintendo Switch and creating games The Way and 911 Operator

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Qubic Games’ mission is to continue helping other developer teams create mature businesses and enter the Nintendo Switch market — This is FANTASTIC news for Switch gamers everywhere!

So what does this mean to Switch owners in 2018?

According to Jakub, Qubic Games’ short term goal is to develop and port about 10 games for the Switch next year! They are currently hard at work identifying projects and development teams to work with to port those games to Nintendo Switch. They also plan on releasing several mobile titles in the first half of 2018.

Looking long term, Jakub states that Qubic wants to continue to develop their own interesting IP while also redefining their development together with the community. Qubic Games wants to be recognized as a brand that supports other developers and their games by porting and publishing for the Nintendo Switch.

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So how do they plan on not only hitting their goals, but exceeding them? Qubic Games feels they have built a world class company comprised of 15 people split between 3 teams:

  • Main Development Team: This team consists of 2 programmers, 3 graphic artists, and 2 designers. They are responsible for creating new IP for the Nintendo Switch and PC.
  • Porting Team: This team is capable of handling up to 3 ports simultaneously. They are in charge of porting Qubic Games IP as well as games from the developer teams they work with.
  • AdoptMyGame Team: This was a team that was created to fix a lack of good B2B websites in the video game industry. Currently, is a part of Qubic Games, but there are plans to turn it into it’s own company. Mikael Bourget currently leads this effort.

Needless to say, Qubic Games will be very busy in the future, as the adoption of the Switch continues at a rapid pace world wide. Switch gamers can look forward to a few new titles from Qubic Games such as BRAWL, Tactical Mind, and Geki Yaba Runner. All of these games will be sent to Nintendo for certification this year. They also plan on making mobile versions of Robonauts and Astro Bears Party while also making Robonauts available on PC as well. If you are unfamiliar with Robonauts, we suggest you take a look at our review published earlier this year.

Perhaps the most pressing and newsworthy title in that group is BRAWL, which was sent to Nintendo for certification this week (the week of November 20, 2017) and which Qubic hopes to release in December or January depending on the timing of certification.


BRAWL is a really interesting title for Nintendo Switch and it will offer multiplayer and a unique and robust single player mode. According to Jakub, BRAWL will have some horror elements and he calls it “the only game of this genre that has some horror elements and a single player mode with a story.”

With Qubic Games’ primary focus on the Switch, we wanted to get a sense of how Jakub viewed the opportunity for developers who have goals of bringing their games to the Switch. He had this to say:

It’s a really interesting question in which every developer and publisher wants to know the answer. In my opinion, Nintendo Switch will be a great platform, but not for everyone. It will be great for developers and publishers with good IP who are specialized on Nintendo platforms. There will be more and more consoles created, but even more games. That means that entering the market will require good products, good IP and serious communication/publishing strategy. It will be important to have a good knowledge of Nintendo’s market and experience cooperating with Nintendo. -Jakub Pieczykolan, CEO Qubic Games

We will continue to monitor Qubic Games and their on-going projects and we encourage you to do the same. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook where you can track all the latest news or visit their website.

If you are a developer who is interested in Qubic Games’ porting service for the Nintendo Switch, please visit the following website: 


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