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Epic Loon by Macrales Studio Interview: Let’s Relive Our Glory Days! (Part 2)

We recently had a conversation with Wax, the Game Manager and creator of Macrales Studio, where we learned about the backstory and concept around Epic Loon. If you missed part one of our interview, you can click here to check it out.

For the second part of our interview, we are focusing on the game itself. Epic Loon is coming soon and there is a whole lot to be excited for!

RG: What is the premise and what can we expect from single-player story mode?

Wax: Our first goal is to let the players re-discover the 90s, and notably its bad but beloved movies.

In the story mode, you play aliens in 4 VHS tapes which are parodies of Jurassic Park, Dracula/Nosferatu, Godzilla and Alien. You’ll journey through some of the more memorable scenes of these movies and discover alternative endings sabotaged by the aliens you play as. 

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RG: What multi-player modes will exist and what nuances will we have to look forward to?

Wax: In story mode, the multiplayer is a co-op mode. Your crew has to fight against the movies and wreck the end to irritate Joe as much as possible.

In Battle mode, the multiplayer mode is competitive. It’s a kind of “race” version of the game with different levels from the ones in the story mode. A lot of options are available to add fun, enjoyment and possibly the urge to smash your controller into your best friend’s skull.

RG: How does the single player experience compare to multi-player/ co-op?

Wax: As soon as there are 2 or more players, it begins to be a big, funny, enjoyably chaotic mess. In solo mode we hope that the players will appreciate more of the details and also follow more of our personal adaptations of the movies, all of which are dubbed by American actors.


RG: What are some of the things that make Epic Loon stand out among other platformers?

Wax: “Platformer” is the closest genre but we believe that Epic loon is quite unique with its rewind and fast forward features. The fact you play through movies whose story is well-known, but you as the alien get to change, makes this a great god-game for fans of those films. That, and all of the 90s stuff we reference, makes Epic Loon accessible to the nostalgia crowd as well as new fans who have yet to see the stuff we are referencing, but will now become driven to do so.

RG: Will the game be available cross-platform via online game play?

Wax: No, there is no online gameplay. It’s a local multiplayer game. We really wanted to make this the kind of multiplayer game that we grew up with: Sitting on the couch with your friends, drinking beers, and having a genuinely social experience.

RG: What is the timeline for Nintendo Switch release?

Wax: We are now focused on PC, Xbox, and Playstation platforms. We are currently in the early stages of discussing porting the game to the Nintendo Switch. As we continue the discussions with our publisher and Nintendo, we will let everyone know details.


Macrales Studio is focused on building a fantastic community around Epic Loon. So be sure to follow their Twitter at @Epic_Loon for mildly insane updates and really fun glimpses into the development. They’ll also be doing a bunch of contests for followers so keep your eyes peeled!


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