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Nine Parchments by Frozenbyte: A Colorful Interview for a Colorful Game (Part 1)

Today and tomorrow Redonkulous Gaming will be releasing a two part series interview with Frozenbyte Studios who is currently working on Nine Parchments.  The first part of the interview (this one) will be a little bit about Frozenbyte, and tomorrow will be questions about Nine Parchments.  Tomorrow we will also be putting out a video on both the studio and what we know about the game so far, so make sure to come back and check it out.

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  1. How was Frozenbyte formed? How large is the team and are there parts of their background you would like to share?

That goes way back to 2001 when Frozenbyte was founded. It was just a couple of guys, fresh out of high school – our founders Lauri and Juha. It took a few years and very humble beginnings, working out of a garage, until our first game Shadowgrounds came out in 2005.

Not many people know this, but Our CEO and VP worked for years without pay so it’s not always been easy. The games industry was still in its infancy in Finland in the early 2000’s and there were only a few developers during those times, so it took a lot of dedication to build a company from the ground-up.

The biggest hit game that Frozenbyte is most well-known for was of course Trine, which originally came out in 2009. That has since spanned into a series of three games, selling around 10M copies in total across all platforms.

We’ve grown quite a bit in the last year and are about 115 employees right now with a few different teams. The team working on Nine Parchments has been around 5-35 people throughout the different development phases.


  1. What are the team members’ favorite games?

Yikes, that would be a very long list, there’s so many of us now! I did some asking around and the answers pretty much span every genre possible. Here’s a few snippets:

Baldur’s Gate series, Morrowind, Football Manager series, CS:GO, System Shock, The Legend of Zelda series, The Secret of Monkey Island, Cities Skylines, Destiny 2, Civilization VI, Fifa 18, Fallout 1-2, Hotline Miami 1-2, Red Alert, X-COM, and the list goes on…

We’ve also been running some in-house tournaments at our office on some Fridays with various competitive games like CS:GO, Civilization V, Overwatch, Smite, Starcraft 2, HotS and Dota 2 and they seem to be quite popular as there’s usually an audience spectating the games and a couple of dedicated casters commentating 

trine 2

  1. Are there other projects in the pipeline that Frozenbyte is excited about, and that you can share? (Nintendo Switch related or not)

There are several projects in development but unfortunately I can’t share anything besides that we’re very excited about them of course!

We’re very happy with Nintendo Switch so far, so we’ll definitely be supporting it with future titles if the projects are suitable.


Check out part 2 of the interview here



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