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Nine Parchments by Frozenbyte: A Colorful Interview for a Colorful Game (Part 2)

This is part 2 of an interview with Frozenbyte about their game Nine Parchments that is in development and is nearing release soon.  If you missed part 1 check it out here.  Also make sure to check out the video on Youtube about Frozenbyte and Nine Parchments.


  1. What was the inspiration for Nine Parchments?

It all started out with a quick prototype made as a mod to our Trine 3 engine. We had a wizard shooting fireballs in the beginning, so internally we initially called the project “Amadeus Battlemage”. We then quickly decided we’d like to make a game about the other wizards in the world of Trine, since obviously Amadeus doesn’t know how to cast a fireball!

That was the starting point and since then we’ve studied other twin stick shooters, co-op games and of course some of our own prior work as well – The Shadowgrounds games. A lot of people compare Nine Parchments to Magicka based on what they’ve seen, and well, we do have wizards, co-op and friendly fire so the comparison is not totally unfounded


  1. What should players be most excited about with Nine Parchments?

The amount of chaos you get when playing co-op with friends or people online! We’ll support both local and online co-op, and the game definitely works best when played with other people – the more the merrier

Enemy amounts and the difficulty scales based on the amount of players on the battlefield, and friendly fire and player co-operation become increasingly important the more players there are.

We like to describe the game as ‘Magical Mayhem’ and it certainly becomes that with four players blasting spells away in all directions.


  1. What sets Nine Parchments apart from other shoot ‘em ups?

The biggest difference is quite the obvious one – In Nine Parchments all the shooting is done via spells rather than weapons, because wizards prefer the elegance of magic over steel.

I think it’ll be one of the prettiest shoot ‘em ups out there thanks to our wonderful art team who’ve really worked their own magic on the environments and effects.


  1. Is there anything you can share about the game that can’t be found on the website?

The game will have a total of 32 levels, out of which 8 are boss fights! You can play on four different difficulty settings, including a super-difficult hardcore mode.



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