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Robonauts: Nintendo Switch Review

Welcome to the Switch Robonauts!

Robonauts is a unique arcade shooter style game that was released by publisher Qubic Games on September 15th for Nintendo Switch.

If you are unfamiliar with Qubic Games then you won’t be for long. Qubic Games has a bevy of new titles queued up for release on Nintendo Switch. Astro Bears Party was also released in September, but other titles such as: Brawl, GekiYaba Runner, and Mad Carnage will all be released for the Switch by Q1 of 2018.

Robonauts is a great highlight and success story for Qubic Games as it truly combines the classic arcade style with a multi-dimensional platformer.


Game Play

As you embark on your journey across 12 different planetary systems, you take control of the little robot who could: ROBO. Each planet brings a new challenge and mission for ROBO, with the first 3 planets helping to give you a baseline of the game play.


The campaign across the solar system can be a solo effort or played in co-op mode with another player. Joy Con game play is supported, which gives you the advantage of multiplayer even in portability mode. With the Switch docked, the transition from hand-held to controller is seamless and Robonauts controls synergize fairly well with most shooter style games.

Multiplayer with Robonauts is two-fold. As mentioned previously, you can complete the campaign in co-op or you can face off against your friends locally by taking advantage of the Hunting Grounds.


The music and game sounds are everything you would hope for and expect of the arcade genre, but what may not be expected is the overall difficulty level of Robonauts.

This is one of the few games where you really shouldn’t feel ashamed when it comes time to select your difficulty level. We all have that moment of shame when we go to play a game for the first time and we select “easy.” That is not the case with Robonauts and if you are new to the game then you should absolutely go with the casual option instead of hard.

During each mission, you should take advantage of pausing the game to both plan where to go next and get an idea of where your enemies are. By pressing + you will bring up the tactic view of each level which outlines your mission goals and locations of enemies you may need to eliminate. This will certainly improve your level of success and help you hone your skills to be successful enough to work your way into hard mode.


The Review

The arcade genre has made its way back in a big way and there is a large following of fans who live and breath arcade style games.

Why Robonauts is a success: Robonauts takes a typical arcade shooter and combines it with a multi-dimensional platformer that will have ROBO dodging and darting between planets securing weapon upgrades and pulverizing enemies. The constant flipping and somersaulting added a new functional and super fun dimension to the classic arcade shooter.

Why consumers may gripe: Robonauts is not an easy game to complete even on casual mode. While the controls and concept are easy to master, the campaign is difficult and not all consumers may feel the degree of difficulty is necessary.

Redonkulous Review: We absolutely loved Robonauts. The look, the feel, the sound, and the challenge are all something to look forward to. It is rare to find an arcade style game that feels like a platformer. The pace of the game coupled with the degree of difficulty makes this a very attractive option for anyone who enjoys 2D arcades. However, a casual gamer may struggle to complete the campaign based on how challenging it is. Therefore…

Redonkulous Gaming gives Robonauts a 9/10 making this game one of the most attractive arcades for Nintendo Switch!

Robonauts can be had for ONLY $9.99 on the eShop until 11/13/17, so make sure you jump on this one right away!


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