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The Flame in the Flood: Nintendo Switch Review

The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch was released October 12, 2017. Prior to inception on the Switch, it was made available across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in February of 2016.

The Flame in the Flood is a post-apocalyptic survival game that forces you, the player, to make life altering decisions very early in the game. The story unfolds as you take control of a character named Scout, and her trusty sidekick and pooch-pal Aesop. Where you go and what your experience looks like, is up to you.

Game Play

The overall concept is pretty simple: Don’t Die. How to go about doing so is a little more complicated. When the game kicks off you can start a new campaign as a survival newbie or pro. If you are new to survival games, do yourself a favor and go with the easier difficulty. While most games of this genre will have you stockpile supplies early on for your journey, The Flame in the Flood forces hard decisions by giving you limited bag space enforcing strategy early on.

fitf fire

Your adventure and journey require you to raft, walk, and run all over the flooded terrain gathering, crafting, cooking, skinning, eating, sleeping, and managing four key categories to stay alive: hunger, thirst, body temperature, and fatigue. Other negative status effects can occur which require you to manufacture medicine and treat negative ailments as needed.

fitf affliction

Wild life and other non-player characters can also influence your journey. Whether you are hunting rabbits to make jerky, or being chased by a wild boar, each stop you make along the river leads to a new experience.

The game also has a fun quest system which allows you to stay on the path to success and survival. Each benchmark achieved helps to ensure survival as more time goes on.

Crafting System

The game does not hold your hand at all and you are essentially “thrown into the fire” from the get-go. There are a couple of helpful tips early on in the campaign, but other than that it is up to you to look up the crafting recipes and gather the essential materials to make what is needed.

fitf craft

The crafting system itself becomes relatively straight-forward the more you play. Lumber can be used to patch up the raft or start a fire and certain plants can be used to create animal traps or even medications.

You can trap and skin animals to help create new clothing as well of sustenance and you can use jars to collect water to be purified and consumed to manage thirst.

The Raft

In order to move around from place to place, you must learn to manage and steer the raft. You can gather supplies while passing smaller land masses but you need to dock the raft to explore the terrain, gather materials, and sleep.

fith raft

The raft itself is somewhat difficult to maneuver and is incredibly fragile. Should you crash one too many times without patching the raft, then Scout and Aesop will drown and the game will be over.

The Review

We have seen a lot of ports to the Nintendo Switch lately and The Flame in the Flood is another great one. The best part about this game is that it can be had for $15 on the eShop.

This game has wonderful replay value. If you should die, the game keeps track of your personal best and let’s you know when you have eclipsed a past performance. The adventure is really never the same since you will likely not be able to hit all the stops on the raft in a single play through.

The best part about The Flame in the Flood is that there is little to no tutorial, which is something that survivalists should love. There is so much to think about and therefore so much to lose track of which means so much can go wrong if you aren’t adequately prepared. It is wonderful how something so simplistic can pull you in so easily.

Redonkulous Gaming gives The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch a score of 8/10

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