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5 Reasons to be Excited for Crazy Justice

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Black Riddles Studio, will be releasing a third-person shooter for Nintendo Switch in Q2 of 2018. This is BIG news for anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch. The even bigger news is that YOU can get in on the action for the next 7 days and help make this game even better. Black Riddles Studio has partnered with Fig and bundled several unique opportunities for gamers to make their mark. Click on the below images to bring you to their crowd funding Fig page.


Crazy Justice is the name of the game and it is reminiscent of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegounds in that it will offer a multiplayer online battle royale experience. Check out the below video for a brief overview of what to expect and read on for 5 reasons to get pumped about this game!

1. Battle Royale: As of the time of this post, this has been confirmed by Black Riddles Studio to be the first game on Nintendo Switch to have this play mode available. There has been a lot of excitement around PUBG and it appears to be a play mode that has the demand to have staying power. That being said, Switch users should be elated at the thought of having a game in the hopper with this feature.

2. Cross-Platform Play: Yes, it’s true. You will not be restricted to just playing with people who own a Nintendo Switch. Crazy Justice will support the ability to play with friends on other gaming networks such as PC or Xbox. With the Nintendo Switch still on limited availability, this is music to our ears!

crazy justice 2

3. Customization: you can customize the skill sets of your character to fit your play-style. You can mix and match your active skills and passive skills to suit your needs and adapt to the way you like to play.

4. Destructible Environment: Shooters that do not have this mechanic always confused me. When you are slinging bullets back and forth without regard for your surroundings, the “spray and pray” come out to play. Interacting with your environment and having the ability to break stuff is a major plus.

5. Build: Not only can you break things around you, but you can also build them up. Items such as barricades, turrets, or walls can be built to give you extra cover or set a trap for your opponents. This gives the player a lot of room for creativity which is great for this genre!

crazy justice 3

Soooooooooo… as it turns out, there are way more than 5 reasons to be excited about Crazy Justice. Here are a couple bonus reasons if the others weren’t good enough:

6. The Campaign: A single player and co-op version of a playable campaign will be available! So if the multiplayer features listed above weren’t enough to sell you and you are someone who prefers a local method (Well hello Nintendo Switch. Why, yes, I would love to play Crazy Justice while I am sitting in the airport) the features and functionality will exist.

7. Retail and Release: So this isn’t so much a reason to be excited as it is a reason to support the Fig crowd funding campaign. The game will retail for $25 USD. By spending $15 today, you can reserve your copy and have your name mentioned in the credits. All proceeds earned go towards making this game even more awesome! Act fast though, the Fig campaign ends on 10/19/17.

Let us know what you think about Crazy Justice in the comments section below. 

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