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Pokken Tournament DX: L2P Braixen

First off, we need to preface this post by saying: If you already feel you have a solid grasp on how to play the character or you’re looking for how to compete at a higher level, this is not the post for you. Treat this as simply a 101 overview for a quick rundown on the Pokémon at a high level. That being said, let’s get into it:

This represents the ninth of 22 “episodes” by Redonkulous Gaming. We will provide overviews of all the playable characters in the newly released Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch. Please reference the below video as a compliment to this breakdown.

Overview of Braixen

  • Health Pool: 540 HP
  • Pokémon Type: Standard
  • Play-Style: Mid range Specialist
  • Speed: Average to Good
  • Recommended CheerStandard until comfortable enough to use Synergy Focused

Duel Phase vs Field Phase

Braixen is a complete fighter. She can control when to enter duel phase by utilizing her lateral movement and ranged (Y) skills in field phase. She will shoot fire and an orb which hits for critical and causes the transition to duel phase. Braixen is unique in that if she has time to charge Sunny Day by holding (A) her attacks are improved significantly. Managing when and how to use Sunny Day is ultimately what determines your success with Braixen in addition to maximizing combos in duel phase.

A good chunk of Braixen’s special attacks are mid-range abilities that set up other attack chains or combos. (FORWARD+A) can be used to create a fire spin, which can be charge to improve the duration of the spin and therefore the likelihood of your opponent being affected by it. (UP+A) can be used to nullify air attacks by casting Flamethrower and (BACK+A) will cast Fire Blast and can also be charged.

Braixen does have a good grab (B+Y) attack, but just like all fighters, it can be easily countered, so use with caution.

braixen win


Finesse and control are a big part of Braixen’s tool-kit. Use both together for maximum effectiveness and always be looking for ways to set up combos after holding (A) to charge Sunny Day. Thankfully, most of her combos are fairly easy to master and execute. You can open a majority of combos by pressing (Y,Y,Y) and then following it up with any other sequence to finish off the combo. If you press (Y) a fourth time, then you have just executed her easiest combo!

Try the below sequence when you have the opposing fighter pinned against the fighting arena. It will be very effective and give you a chance to regroup prior to your next advance:



Synergy Phase

We rate all Synergy Phases (Mega-Evolutions) on a scale of 1 to Redonkulous! Here is where Braixen stacks up to the other playable characters:

  • Strength of Synergy Phase: Just like everything else in Braixen’s repertoire, the effectiveness and strength of her synergy phase are tied to having the Sunny Day (HOLD A) buff active. This will allow you to execute easy combos with increased potency. We give her a score of 7 here since it is buff dependent.
  • Coolness Factor: Braixen isn’t really cool. We might use the word “cute” to describe her and that is why we give her a score of 4 on the coolness scale.
  • Finisher: Braixen’s finishing (ultimate) move is not very strong without the Sunny Day buff. When you factor in the Sunny Day buff it still deals average damage. If you utilize a combo prior to executing your ultimate move, the overall damage would increase, but the finisher would hit for less than 200 hit points. We give Braixen’s finisher a score of 6.

braixen synergy

Support Pokémon

In addition to your playable Pokémon, you get to choose a combination of 2 support Pokémon to aid you in battle by pressing (L) when your support gauge is full. This will summon your selected Pokémon to perform a move before fleeing the battlefield. While ultimately the choice will likely come down to personal preference, here is the support combination we recommend to get you started:

garchomp support

  • Emolga: Emolga helps give you a ranged mechanic that will allow you to utilize your burst and close in on an enemy from far away.
  • Fennekin: Fennekin swoops into battle and performs a dome-shaped attack that can hit more than once and allow Braixen a second to perform a combo or attack chain. Use Fennekin when the enemy is in melee range.

The choice is yours, so be sure to play around with other support options that fit your play-style!

Is Braixen a favorite of yours? Let us know in the comments sections below!



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