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Weekly Boomerang: Everything Coming and Going

What’s Coming

This week we have 6 games to look forward to with indie Oxenfree that stands out amongst a group that includes a couple remastered titles. Links to the eShop included for convenience.

What’s Going

Last week FIFA 18 kicked off a group of games now available for purchase on the Switch. In case you missed it, here is last week in review:


We saw 10 games released in the last week and 28 games over the last 14 days. Some of these titles were more anticipated than others. One of the newest ports to the Switch, Stardew Valley, was one that a lot of fans were looking forward to seeing ported. FIFA 18 has been a crowd pleaser for soccer fans who now get to take their game on-the-go.

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Complaint Corner

It wouldn’t be the age of the internet if we did have a few complaints in the community. So what are we griping about this week?

“My Switch is bending!”: We are still seeing gripes and complaints about the Nintendo Switch bending. Yes, this has been a reality for some, but overall this is something that you as a responsible gamer should be able to manage. We promise, the amount of pressure you apply to your Switch will not affect your finish in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


Which games would you like to see reviews of? Please leave a comment below and let us know!


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