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Pokken Tournament DX: L2P Pikachu

First off, we need to preface this post by saying: If you already feel you have a solid grasp on how to play the character or you’re looking for how to compete at a higher level, this is not the post for you. Treat this as simply a 101 overview for a quick rundown on the Pokemon at a high level. That being said, let’s get into it:

This represents the seventh of 22 “episodes” by Redonkulous Gaming. We will provide overviews of all of the playable characters in the newly released Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch. Please reference the below video as a compliment to this breakdown.

Overview of Pikachu

  • Health Pool: 600 HP
  • Pokemon Type: Standard
  • Play-Style: Quick like a bunny
  • Speed: Average speed, agile attacks
  • Recommended CheerStandard until comfortable enough to use Support Focused if you are properly timing your synergy gauge

Duel Phase vs Field Phase

For a “standard” fighter, Pikachu is pretty darn fast. Not necessarily from a movement perspective, but from an execution perspective. Everything seems to happen faster when you hit the buttons. Attacks from both the field and duel phase are clean. Combos are short and easy to master, which makes it easy to control the transition in and out of duel phase. You can chip away at an enemy by jumping and holding (A) to electrocute enemies from far away, or knock opponents closing in from the air with (UP+A). You can attack from midair by jumping and pressing (X) and go right into a combo. If you opt to use your grab attack in duel phase, be prepared to transition to field phase since it launches your opponent across the battlefield. As always, deploy grab attacks (B+Y) with caution since they are easily countered.

Once in duel phase, protect yourself and use your size and quickness to your advantage. Executing simple combos such as: (FORWARD+A)(A) will grab your opponent, electrocute them, and then follow up with a grounded shock.



Pikachu is not as combo heavy as some of the other fighters in this game. Instead he relies on finding windows to chip away at the enemy. However, the combos that he does execute are fairly effective and should be incorporated when the opportunity presents itself. You can utilize the following combo to make the most of your offensive advances:


If executed properly, you will chain the enemy three times in the air and follow it up with an electric tackle that should give you time to start yet another wave of attacks. Another effective combo on display frequently in the accompanying video: (X+A)(Y,Y,Y,Y) will allow you to perform a critical hit followed by spinning iron tail attacks.

Pikachu also incorporates support into his combos, calling in his buddy Lapras to do some of his dirty work. Make sure to only execute this one if: 1) you have chosen Lapras as your support and 2) your support gauge is full. This is why we recommend the Support Focused cheer:


Synergy Phase

We rate all Synergy Phases (Mega-Evolutions) on a scale of 1 to Redonkulous! Here is where Pikachu stacks up to the other playable characters:

  • Strength of Synergy Phase: Pikachu’s Mega-Evolution is far from Redonkulous. His strength comes in the form of doing more of the same, but with a higher degree of potency. We give his overall strength in synergy phase a 7.
  • Coolness Factor: Pikachu is sneaky good, but at the end of the day, your affinity for how well marketed Pikachu is will determine how cool/cute you think he is. His synergy burst is nothing short of electric, but his cool points have gone out the window giving him a 7 here.
  • Finisher: Pikachu’s finisher (ultimate) move is not very strong by itself. To make the most out of synergy phase, quickly execute chains and combos and take the opponent’s shield down. The finisher itself does not do a ton of damage, so make sure you optimize its use and try to avoid using it too early if you can. Pair it with the below combo for maximum damage, but don’t get discouraged if you cannot execute the entire combo perfectly. Just don’t miss your chance to perform the attack for the sake of the combo. Pikachu earns a score of 6 here.



Support Pokemon

In addition to to your playable Pokemon, you get to choose a combination of 2 support Pokemon to aid you in battle by pressing (L) when your support gauge is full. This will summon your selected Pokemon to perform a move before fleeing the battlefield. While ultimately the choice will likely come down to personal preference, here is the support combination we recommend to get you started:


  • Snivy: Snivy is useful if you are trying to nullify jumpers. He comes with a fast charge time as well.
  • Lapras: Lapras is Pikachu’s bro. We love utilizing the Lapras combo, especially when we can pin the opponent against the boundary. Lapras joins the fight by performing a wide-range charge ability that can also help nullify long distance ground attacks.

The choice is yours, so be sure to play around with other support options that fit your play-style!

Is Pikachu a favorite of yours? Let us know in the comments sections below!


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