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Oxenfree for Nintendo Switch Review

Today is the day. Oxenfree for Nintendo Switch was released in the US today and is now available for download on the Nintendo eStore.

If you need a reason to purchase Oxenfree, then take a look at our previous post which outlines 5 reasons you should be investing in the Night School Studios indie production. For those of you here for the look and feel on the switch, you can watch the below video or read on.

The Story

This game feels like a movie in the best way. The game-play itself requires direct interaction with other characters and your surroundings. The responses you choose directly dictate the relationships the main character, Alex, has with her peers. Additionally, Alex’s responses also influence the relationships between the characters you do not control.

The story is not told by the game-play, but the game-play certainly tells the story. Other games such as Fable, have tried to accomplish similar feats in the past and while the influence and decisions made certainly affect the game-play the story ultimately remains intact.

Determining the dialogue and what response to give (if any), will ultimately decide the end result of the story. While other games tell the story via cut-scenes, you are living the story through choices made and interaction with the environment.

oxenfree gameplay

The Plot

If you are unaware or have not played Oxenfree on other platforms, the plot is relatively simple. A group of teenagers decide to take a ferry to nearby Edward’s Island. The plan is simple, enjoy a night out and participate in rebellious behavior like drinking and smoking on the beach.

Someone in the group has the bright idea to explore nearby caves to see if the rumors of supernatural activity are true. Your mode of testing is utilizing a hand held radio at different frequencies to see if anything happens. Once determined that this radio can tap into your surroundings, part of your group decides to go deeper into the cave and use the radio there. The result is a blackout for the entire group, even those who were not present, and Alex’s job is to find her friends so they can reunite and get home safely.

Game Play on the Switch

Oxenfree was released in 2016 on multiple platforms. For those of you who played it previously, you may notice an increase in load times between each stage of the island. Other than that, everything remains relatively unchanged. It is a wonderfully supernatural story that will have you captivated from start to finish. We give Oxenfree a score of 8/10 and highly recommend you make the stop at the eShop to pick this one up.

Do you love Oxenfree as much as we do? Let us know in the comments section below!



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