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Pokken Tournament DX: L2P Machamp

First off, we need to preface this post by saying: If you already feel you have a solid grasp on how to play the character or you’re looking for how to compete at a higher level, this is not the post for you. Treat this as simply a 101 overview for a quick rundown on the Pokemon at a high level. That being said, let’s get into it:

This represents the sixth of 22 “episodes” by Redonkulous Gaming. We will provide overviews of all of the playable characters in the newly released Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch. Please reference the below video as a compliment to this breakdown.

Overview of Machamp

  • Health Pool: 660 HP
  • Pokemon Type: Power
  • Play-Style: Controlled
  • Speed: Average
  • Recommended CheerStandard until comfortable enough to use Synergy Focused

Duel Phase vs Field Phase

Machamp is a solid fighter in both duel and field phases. He is very well-rounded and excels at putting short combos together. As a fighter, you need to to take a controlled approach in how you use Machamp. A lot of his moves require proper timing around advances and they tend to leave him open to counter-attack. He does most of his damage in duel phase, but can take control of a fight early in the field phase by unleashing his critical hit (X+A). Machamp has a fairly strong grab attack, but grabs can be easily countered, so try to avoid over-use of your grab. Grab can be executed with the normal (B+Y) or (FORWARD+A). A nice way to push duel phase is by jumping and positioning yourself over your opponent and pressing (X) to drop on top of them and follow it up with a chain attack or critical hit.

Once in duel phase, focus on pinning your enemy and making use of all four of your Goro-like arms by chaining attacks or combos.



Machamp is not as combo heavy as some would think, at least until you are comfortable using him. If you lean on combos too much, you may actually open yourself up to domination. Combos should be deployed in a controlled manner when your opponent has either little room to work with or as a counter-attack. Machamp’s combos are not overly difficult to execute, but they all tend to leave you prone if you whiff or get blocked. Try not to telegraph your attacks and set up your combos properly. You can pump Machamp up and increase his attack power by pressing (A), but make sure you are in a safe position when you do so. You can utilize the following combo to make the most of your offensive advances:


The great thing about that one is that you do not have to do everything perfectly for it to be effective. If you find something that works for you, like ending with (DOWN+A) to cap it off with a flurry of punches, then feel free to do so. However, if executed properly, you will chain the enemy over and over keeping them airborne and finish it with a devastating blow that should give you time to start yet another wave of attacks.

Machamp can also be effective from the air, but this one requires timing and proper set up to execute. Go ahead and jump towards your opponent and press:


This will body-slam your opponent and go right into an effective pummeling. Another option and a fan-favorite is the mid-air grab: (BACK+X,X)(FORWARD+B)(B+Y)

Synergy Phase

We rate all Synergy Phases (Mega-Evolutions) on a scale of 1 to Redonkulous! Here is where Machamp stacks up to the other playable characters:

  • Strength of Synergy Phase: Machamp’s Mega-Evolution is not Redonkulous. It feels like a slight improvement over the normal fighting phase. The biggest bonus here is that you are less susceptible to counter-attack due to improved agility. We give the overall strength a score of 8.
  • Coolness Factor: Machamp’s synergy doesn’t really feel all that cool. Maybe it’s just hard to top having four arms. Or maybe the reskin and orangey glow just isn’t enough for us on this one. Machamp gets our lowest “coolness” score yet with a 4.
  • Finisher: Machamp’s finisher (ultimate) move is already Redonkulous! It becomes much more legit when you couple it with a combo. If executed properly, you can drop an attack on the opposing fighter that could deplete almost HALF of their HP:

In Synergy Phase: (FORWARD+X HOLD)(FORWARD+B,Y)(DOWN+X,X)->(L+R)


Support Pokemon

In addition to to your playable Pokemon, you get to choose a combination of 2 support Pokemon to aid you in battle by pressing (L) when your support gauge is full. This will summon your selected Pokemon to perform a move before fleeing the battlefield. While ultimately the choice will likely come down to personal preference, here is the support combination we recommend to get you started:


  • Frogadier: Frogadier comes with a fast charge time and gives you another long range attack to couple with your boulder toss.
  • Eevee: Eevee is a great utility support for Machamp since, once summoned to battle, Eevee will offer up a small heal and provide a buff to attack power.

The choice is yours, so be sure to play around with other support options that fit your play-style!

Is Machamp a favorite of yours? Let us know in the comments sections below!


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