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Pokken Tournament DX: L2P Garchomp

First off, we need to preface this post by saying: If you already feel you have a solid grasp on how to play the character or you’re looking for how to compete at a higher level, this is not the post for you. Treat this as simply a 101 overview for a quick rundown on the Pokemon at a high level. That being said, let’s get into it:

This represents the fourth of 22 “episodes” by Redonkulous Gaming. We will provide overviews of all of the playable characters in the newly released Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch. Please reference the below video as a compliment to this breakdown.

Overview of Garchomp

  • Health Pool: 660 HP
  • Pokemon Type: Power
  • Play-Style: Quick Closer
  • Speed: Average
  • Recommended CheerStandard until comfortable enough to use Synergy Focused

Duel Phase vs Field Phase

Garchomp is a surprisingly good fighter in both duel and field phases. His main weakness comes from ranged opponents dinking and dunking on him from far away since he is not overly agile enough to change the perspective in field phase. Get used to using your shield and timing your advances. He can attack from the ground or air fairly well and can be used in both capacities. Mastering the timing around the standard grab (B+Y) and his patented vortex (picture below) (DOWN+A) is a must. The vortex can be used to set up several other moves and can be utilized in both field and duel phase. Both can be countered, so you will need to set up your grabs appropriately.

Garchomp is a quick closer and might just be the best bull-rusher in the game. The slashes from his claws are extremely potent and his ability to “combo” with one button is unique: (HOLD X) and time the release for a second upwards rush.

garchomp vortex


Garchomp can be used as a combo fighter, but set up and timing are essential. You will need to spend some time to adjust to his base move speed and his ability to bull-rush before you become a combo master. One of the easier ones to execute in dual phase is (X) (FORWARD+Y, Y). This will keep your opponent airborne and slash them with a lethal combo of punches. You can utilize the following combo to make the most of your vortex:


The great thing about this one is that it will leave your opponent reeling and open them up for another attack. If executed properly, you will perform a grab and summon the tornado, take a step back, and bull-rush forward slashing all the way depleting the HP of your opponent.

Garchomp can also be sneaky good from the air, but this one requires timing and proper set up to execute. Go ahead and jump towards your opponent and press:


This will pop your opponent up in the air and deliver 3 blows immediately. You will then finish up by burrowing underground and surfacing underneath the enemy with an uppercut.

Synergy Phase

We rate all Synergy Phases (Mega-Evolutions) on a scale of 1 to Redonkulous! Here is where Garchomp stacks up to the other playable characters:

  • Strength of Synergy Phase: Garchomp’s Mega-Evolution is not Redonkulous, but it is pretty darn close. The overall speed increase is moderate when you compare to other fighters, which is why we give the overall strength a score of 9.
  • Coolness Factor: Garchomp is incredibly powerful. He can use and abuse his opponents and force his will by timing grabs and burrowing as needed. His orangey glow gives a feel of legendary status. All these things lead us to believe that Garchomp is Redonkulously cool!
  • Finisher: Garchomp’s finisher (ultimate) move is pretty strong alone, but can be dodged by jumping or shielding. If the opponent manages to avoid the bull-rush at the beginning of Garchomp’s ultimate move, it leaves him open to counterattack. However, if you set up the attack properly with a combo or basic chain attack, the result can be devastating for your opponent. We give Garchomp another score of 9 here.

garchomp synergy

Support Pokemon

In addition to to your playable Pokemon, you get to choose a combination of 2 support Pokemon to aid you in battle by pressing (L) when your support gauge is full. This will summon your selected Pokemon to perform a move before fleeing the battlefield. While ultimately the choice will likely come down to personal preference, here is the support combination we recommend to get you started:

garchomp support

  • Emolga: Emolga helps give you a ranged mechanic that will allow you to utilize your burst and close in on an enemy from far away.
  • Fennekin: Fennekin swoops into battle and performs a dome-shaped attack that can hit more than once and allow Garchomp a second to perform a combo or attack chain. Use Fennekin when the enemy is in melee range.

The choice is yours, so be sure to play around with other support options that fit your play-style!

Is Garchomp a favorite of yours? Let us know in the comments sections below!



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