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Thimbleweed Park: A Blast From the Past

With so many games constantly coming out for the switch it’s hard to keep up and play all of them.  Besides Golf Story, Thimbleweed Park is one game I’ve been waiting for.  I grew up to playing point and click adventure games.  From King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Grim Fandango, Runaway, to Monkey Island to just name a few.  The great thing about these games was always the sense of pride when you figured out how to use the ginormous inventory of items to solve the puzzle.  Thimbleweed Park does an amazing job of capturing that sensation of glory.  The game’s creative puzzles drive one to really think of which item goes with which.  There were times I was completely confused but a random accidental click led me to a solution I didn’t even think about.

The characters are well developed with craziness, sassiness, silliness and a variety of other personas to make for an eclectic cast.  The writing has good story telling and a lot of hilarious zingers.  The OCD in me has to talk to every character until I exhaust every option (it’s probably why I got frustrated with Mass Effect because I would spend hours just talking to one person).

The game is well executed and will definitely mesh with players that enjoy that slower paced point and click adventure.  However, this is not a game for the player that is looking for that quick high you can find in a FPS or fighting game.  This game is meant to really suck you in and build up the story over a period of time.  So don’t expect any QTEs here.

The one glaring flaw for the game are the controls.  There were times I was quite frustrated with the controls because the sensitivy was poor when I needed to click a conversation option or select an action to perform on an object.  The team at Terrible Toybox have put in some quick selects in place to help with some basic navigation.  But anything more complex than “look” or “open” will require you to analog stick it to the desired position on the screen.  I will make a note that I did not try the game in handheld mode yet, so I do now know if the touchscreen is implemented, but if it is, the touchscreen could make the point and click less cumbersome.

To reiterate, this is not a game for any gamers that are looking for a quick fix.  As with any point and click there is a need to spend countless hours solving wacky puzzles (some of which will never make sense to you).  But if you like point and click adventures you will love Thimbleweed Park.


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