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Keep Your Eye on Earth Romancer

Earth Romancer has the look and feel of a platform fighter and relies on traditional mechanics found within the genre. The execution of combos and positioning are imperative to effective fighting, but the bullet-hell mechanic and the ability to dash or phase through projectiles make it even more interesting.

Amazing Pea TD: Preliminary Review

Aliens have invaded and the only thing standing in their way are mutated plants, each with a very unique skill-set.

Instead of the traditionally straight forward tower defense, the aliens have the ability to path in multiple directions, which means you will need to fortify each fork in the road equally to succeed.

BRAWL: Nintendo Switch Review

BRAWL was released today on the Nintendo eShop and is categorized as an action, party, fighting game. Add a dash of horror to the mix as all the playable characters are modeled after every baddie you had nightmares about as a kid.

Interview: Lienzo and Mulaka – Story Telling at it’s Finest

Mulaka is an action-adventure title set in northern Mexico during the pre-colonization era. You take the role of a Sukurúame, the equivalent to a shaman in the Tarahumara lore, and are tasked with preventing the 4th destruction of the world that is looming. You travel to exotic locations in the region while looking for demigods to gain their trust and save humanity.